Mobile Mail Client: How the Thunderbird/K-9 Mail Interface Is Evolving

Thunderbird has shown off its new Android app design for the first time. This is the evolution of K-9 Mail, which the developers announced in 2022. in June Before the name change, the project wanted to change the e-mail address. mail program features and appearance.

(Image: Thunderbird/Twitter)

Compared to the current design, it is noticeable that the body – that is, the text of the message itself – takes up less space: the app displays the subject line in several lines if necessary, and the project also expanded the field of senders and recipients. Here you will also find a menu for further actions next to the answers that are displayed by default.

If a user uses the app with multiple accounts, Thunderbird will display the account name above the notification itself in the future. The app also accepts either “me” or the name of the account in the info field. Other recipients (if any) also receive the display name.

Finally, the application will also display assigned IMAP labels in this field in the future. However, it is a prerequisite that developers integrate this feature into the app first. Tapping the information displayed here opens a window with more information about the message. If desired, it can be expanded to cover the entire screen, for example, so that all recipients can be seen.

You can see the first draft of the new interface on Twitter. It’s not yet clear when users will get it, but the project has already been listed combining Thunderbird and K-9 Mail. indicated that the design may change several times until the rebranding is complete. The desktop client also gets a new look compared to what came before to see the calendar is.

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