Naidoo & Co: How a Conspiracy Believer Found a Way Out | – Television – Broadcast AZ

Broadcast: ZAPP 2022-05-18 | 5:00 p.m.

25 min

Once in, it’s hard to escape: the conspiracy stories are pulling some people and pulling them into another world. Like a rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. And suddenly everything was different, black and white, upside down. So far, only a few publicly admit to finding a way out of this rabbit pit, the “Hare’s Pit”. But since Xavier Naidoo announced in a video message that he had finished conspiracy stories, getting out of the way has been a problem. But can one who has believed in nonsense for decades wake up so suddenly? ZAPP met with Marcel to better understand how to get into such a whirl. He was involved in conspiracy stories as a teenager. Starting with the aliens, Erich von Däniken, 9/11, continuing with Ken Jebsen, Jürgen Elsässer and finally also on the Reich citizen scene and Holocaust denial. Today Marcel came out of the rabbit pit. And created a new life.

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