Narva: How do Estonian Russians view the war in Ukraine?

Narva is the third largest city in Estonia. 90 percent of the population here has Russian roots. Many trust Putin more than the Estonian government, which has just decided to remove all Soviet war memorials. A visit to a troubled city.

It’s a beautiful summer day in August, but the mood in front of the old Soviet war memorial on the banks of Estonia’s Narva River is high. About a hundred people gathered near the T-34 tank, some of them were laying flowers they had brought, others were posing for photos. “For us Estonian Russians, this is a place to remember our parents and relatives who died here in Narva and on other battlefields during the Second World War,” says Irina, almost 90 years old, who came from the city with her son. – right “Why does the government now have to remove the monument of all time? They just want to stir up trouble and sow hatred between Russians and Estonians.”

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