No more third-party cookies: how AI and big data are redefining the future of marketing

The end of the third-party era does not mean the end of targeted activity marketing. Smart technology replaces dependence on third-party cookies.

The end is a done deal. From 2023 Google itself will create third-party cookies Chromebrowser is disabled. In recent years, users have increasingly moved to block many third-party cookies. Therefore, their importance to effectiveness marketing is quickly overestimated. Of course, many brands and companies are dealing with changing customer behavior. Of course, the number of possible contact points increases. It’s also true that the linear customer journey has long been the exception, not the rule. Therefore, third-party cookies were welcomed to shape the customer experience beyond their own site and throughout the customer journey. However, third-party cookies are no longer the only option. There are now many other innovative methods that deliver even better results than third-party cookies by providing a perfectly tailored customer experience from the start.

Third-party cookies document the history of website pages

But how do third-party cookies actually work? Be specific Cookies used by third parties mostly for web analytics purposes. When a user’s web browser loads an advertisement or targeted pixel that is not hosted on the server of the website being visited, the web browser generates an additional cookie, a third-party cookie. This is not attributed to the site’s server, but to the advertiser’s server. Because web analysts are primarily interested in user behavior, third-party cookies typically document the history of website pages.

However, such cookies usually get really valuable data only when they recognize users on another website. If the user’s browser contacts the same ad server again, it can understand the user’s web path. Online behavior reveals a lot about the interests and behavior of users. This creates a user profile that enables targeted and personalized advertising. Such cookies provide real-time campaign data 24/7 and thus ensure successful performance marketing.

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Third party cookies are not accepted

With this knowledge, there is an understandable concern that the end of the third-party cookie era could be accompanied by declining sales through digital channels or even declining customer loyalty. In fact, the ending can mean quite the opposite. This requires companies to consistently use alternative targeting methods and innovative technologies.

Data protection regulations and so-called walled gardens (closed platforms whose data operators keep to themselves) have a greater impact on activity marketing. Up to 50 percent of Internet traffic already works without third-party cookies. In other words: anyone who currently relies mainly on third-party cookies in their strategy is blind in one eye. Innovative technologies contribute to the success of end-to-end marketing activities.

In particular, there are successor technologies to cookies. Adform 2019 created the first ID solutions for performance marketers that enable cookie-free user identification in Firefox and Safari. It can be expected that more and more so-called new ID spaces will be created for re-application and analysis. Identifiers in ID spaces are surrogate identifiers and allow precise targeting and detailed measurements. A major improvement in these solutions is that user consent is clear and unambiguous.

Dedicated ID providers are already working with data cleanroom providers on use cases. Data Cleanliness is software that allows advertisers and brands to reconcile user data without sharing personally identifiable information or raw data.

Talk more about the weather and use it

But this is by no means the only technology that can be used for precision performance marketing in the age of third-party cookies. It is often said that there is no such thing as the wrong weather, only the wrong clothing. The fact is that weather has a huge impact on people’s behavior and well-being. It can also influence purchasing decisions. This is exactly what weather targeting uses…

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