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Due to illness, only three of the six finalists attended the award ceremony with school principal Dennis Knebel. Kira Erlenkötter and Bettina Steuber-Muhs presented small gifts to Alyssa Niederhaus, school winner Janis Freissler and Akram Makhtar (from right). © Goor-Schotten, Hilde

Children, especially boys, no longer read? This is usually not true, at least not at Burggymnasium Altena (BGA). Several sixth-grade children signed up for the reading competition, and in the end three boys were able to convince the committee the most.

Altena – The German Book Trade Association invites sixth graders all over Germany to a reading competition every year. Boys and girls can choose a book to read first in class and then in class. In the last few weeks, these readings have been scheduled at Burggimnasia.

Little readers are not bad.

The judging panel included Bettina Steuber-Muhs, Kira Erlenkötter and Carolin Wieck. “Little readers are not bad,” explained Steuber-Muhs at the award ceremony, “it’s important to read in an interesting and compelling way and to inspire others.” Janis Freissler was the best this year, ahead of Lukas Förster and Julian. Jöres finished first.

Reading taken from Journey to the Middle Throat of the Earth

He chose Paluten’s book “Journey to the Middle Jaw of the Earth” for the competition. “Paluten is a YouTuber who also writes books,” he said. “That got me interested. There are several parts, as a novel and as a comic. It’s so much fun to read.” He’d love to curl up in a blanket with cookies and cocoa.

Reading skills available

Jani’s teachers also think it’s great that YouTube and reading don’t separate each other. And Principal Dennis Knebel was happy that his students had so much fun reading and that their reading skills were good.

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The awards ceremony was small due to illness, but at least Janis Freissler was able to accept his prize himself. In February, he will represent Burigimnasia in the district decision of the reading competition.

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