North Rhine-Westphalia: severe flu wave in NRW: how to protect your child?

Status: 2022-11-23 17:09

A flu wave is rolling through our country. Many adults have been affected, but children are particularly affected right now. When is a visit to the doctor inevitable and how does your child stay healthy?

The flu wave is here, sweeping through families, offices and schools earlier than usual and with considerable force. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is currently registering an increase in the number of illnesses and visits to the doctor.

During the last week, 1.3 million people consulted doctors for respiratory diseases. This value is significantly higher than during the pandemic and even higher than before the pandemic.

Why in 2022 flu wave so strong?

Doctors believe that contact restrictions, the absence of large events, working from home and the general obligation to wear masks prevented the outbreak of the flu epidemic during the pandemic.

According to the RKI, it is possible that an increased proportion of the population is now susceptible to the pathogen. Other experts spoke of “success effects.” Anyone who hasn’t had the real flu for a long time can now be “put down” again.

When does my child have to stay home?

The German Society of Immunology assumes that there is more winter after a small flu Kinder are without immune protection than usual – they would have missed the first flu infections. Now it seems to be proven, many children are sick.

But when should parents take their child to the doctor? And when is it enough for a child to be treated at home? Dr. Axel Gerschlauer, specialist in pediatrics and youth medicine, says in an interview with WDR that parents should be guided by the general condition of their children.

Bird flu: "Never before have geese been more at risk than now"

Dr. Axel Gerschlauer, pediatrician

Photo: Jürgen Ignatzy

“Fever itself is not bad. Viruses hate fever, bacteria hate fever, but white blood cells love fever,” says the doctor. In other words, don’t go to the doctor with a certain temperature. “Kids are the boss, not the thermometer,” says Gerschlauer. This, the doctor emphasizes, does not apply to babies. Fever is a problem that needs to be taken seriously because the immune system is not yet formed.

One week with a doctor, seven days without a doctor

Most children and teenagers usually suffer from common viral infections. “There is an old saying: an infection lasts a week with a doctor and seven days without a doctor.” The pediatrician reports that doctors’ offices are currently overcrowded. And this is usually unnecessary: ​​”Wait, you’ll see and drink tea.” This saying comes…

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