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In order to prevent mold and create a healthy indoor climate, it is important to properly ventilate the house or apartment. Ventilating the room several times a day is usually not a problem at all, because you quickly notice that the fresh air in the room is really good for you.

But how to properly ventilate when it is extremely cold outside? Cold, snow and ice currently grip Germany, and as soon as the window is opened, the room is filled with bitter cold. The Window and Facade Association recommends following the manual ventilation rule:

  • Below 0 degrees: If the outside temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, you only need to open the windows for 5 minutes.
  • From 0 to 10 degrees: In this temperature range, it is sufficient to ventilate for about 10 minutes.
  • More than 10 degrees: If the temperature is above 10 degrees, the windows can be opened for about 15 minutes to ventilate the room.

die 5×5 rule will help you, and if they don’t, so will they 3×5 rule .

The word spread that it is better not to open the windows for a long time, but to open them all the way and then ventilate them for a while. This is then called intermittent ventilation or, if you open opposite windows, cross ventilation.

In spring or autumn, a complete air exchange can take 15 to 20 minutes, and if you do it three to five times a day, the windows are open for quite a long time. In winter, this tactic no longer works because the outside temperature is too low.

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However, it is advisable to ventilate the room as often, that is, even when the temperature drops below zero three to five times a day . But then that’s enough three to five minutes with the window open. From this, as a memory aid, 5×5 rule Derivation: Translated, this means ventilating five times a day for five minutes.

It’s easy to store on vacation or at the weekend, or if you work a lot at home. However, if you are away from home during the day, you need a different strategy. The good news: if you’re away all day, less ventilation is enough. At least in the morning and evening, but it is better to go with 3×5 rule . it means Ventilate for five minutes three times a day .

Air out in the morning when you get up from work and again right before you go to bed.

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