‘now the red i’: how to stop record inflation?

Whether it’s for butter in a supermarket, a schnitzel tavern or a gas station – we have to dig deeper and deeper into our pockets for everything. In October, inflation reached 10.1 percent, the highest in 70 years. Energy prices have risen particularly sharply.

Since the war of Russian aggression in Ukraine, gas, electricity, heating and pellets have become increasingly expensive. Many consumers are worried about their future energy bills. According to surveys, almost 60 percent of people fear that they will soon be unable to pay their bills.

The middle class is also worried

High energy costs are not only a problem for large, energy-intensive companies, but also for small and medium-sized businesses. Unions, in turn, are demanding significant wage increases to compensate for the increased cost of living. But the first economists are already warning that it will happen Inflation fueled it even more could become People who earn little money or depend on government support are particularly hard hit by price increases. But even in the middle class, money concerns have come a long way.

Politicians announce help

In order to ease the burden on citizens, the December deductions for gas and central heating will be taken over by the state. The traffic light coalition’s brakes on electricity and gas prices are due to come into effect next year. The Bavarian state government has also announced aid and allocated 1.5 billion. “We will leave nothing alone in an emergency,” promised Prime Minister Markus Söder. But is this really enough to alleviate all the difficulties?

"After the World Cup everything is as before"

Join the discussion

Do politicians need to do more to stop record inflation? How can citizens be effectively facilitated? How dangerous is a price shock for the economy? What happens when you just can’t pay your big bills anymore?

Jetzt red i citizens discuss these and other questions live with Bavarian Finance Minister (CSU) Albert Füracer, Bavarian SPD Chairman Florian von Brunn and AfD Parliamentary Group Chairman Ulrich Singer.

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