Nuremberg: “Kita” catering successfully defends against the explosion of costs

  • Nuremberg: Another catering establishment defies price explosion
  • “refusal of price increases”: Food in kindergartens is not expensive
  • the manager explained the secret of success
  • Everything works, if you wish” – Nutrition chief blames industry

First the Corona, then the Ukrainian war: The catering industry is literally going through a crisis. Loss of important customers due to closure of schools and daycare centers Corona pandemics caused problems for many companies. The situation has worsened since the start of the war in Ukraine, with food prices rising sharply in some cases. From Nuremberg Businessman Marco Graf and his team looked for solutions to keep prices low for customers: successfully, prices are still the same as before the crisis.

“I’m just waiting for the prices to go up,” the catering company from Nuremberg blames the industry

Graf’s company Chef Happywhich mainly supplies schools and kindergartens in the Nuremberg region, had its own difficulties at the start of the corona pandemic: “While Corona fell Schools, day care centers and community celebrations disappeared as customers, so we had problems too. However, later on we were contacted by more and more establishments that were no longer served by the catering companies,” Graf explains in the interview Then the entrepreneur and his team of eight would have filled these gaps. “Corona gave us a proper economic boost”, says Graf.

Then came February 2022, and again the food service faced a big challenge: “Prices have skyrocketed since the Ukraine war” the businessman describes that the price of some food has risen from 25 to 50 percent. “The price of five kilograms of pasta rose from 5 to 7.50 euros. It was even more extreme for beef,” says Graf. But the war is not the only factor for him: “I suspect some industries have just have to wait until they raise the prices“.

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While others catering company If the prices had risen for this reason, Happy Chef took a different path: “We sometimes know the parents of the children ourselves, so we looked for solutions with the team so as not to increase the price“. The count and his wife have three children themselves, so they know “that in times like these you turn every penny twice”.

The new concept of the nursery school provider is working – prices “as before the crisis”

Because, Nuremberg food service to the new concept: From now on, there were multiple suppliers, and I bought more groceries that were currently on sale at low prices. “Sometimes suppliers increase the prices of certain food products significantly in a short period of time, so we buy something cheaper instead,” Graf explains the new business model. This way you can to respond flexibly to price increases and maintain a stable price for the customer.

The tactic worked: “Prices are exactly the same as they were before the crisis” says Graf enthusiastically. “We compensate for the lack of profit by refusing to raise prices by increasing the number of customers. Everything is possible if you want it.”

Nevertheless, he warns Nuremberg businessman: There are still spots available, “but we can’t play forever.” If energy prices continue to riseThe Happy Chef will also be on the verge at some point.

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