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Order with no shipping fees – how does it work?

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At EMP, you’ll find cool t-shirts, cool gadgets, and new metal and alternative music. What about shipping costs for orders and how can you order free shipping from EMP?

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Shipping charges generally apply to EMP. However, under certain conditions, you can save on shipping costs.

Here’s how high shipping costs are at EMP

Shipping to EMP usually costs:

  • For each package falls regardless of size 4.95 euros an.
  • you ordered pay on deliveryfell down additional 6.50 euroswhich must be paid directly to DHL.
  • If you want to receive your shipment extra fast, you need to order DHL Express Service. Then become another 12 euros because of.

Using the tips in the video, you can save money when ordering online:

Order for free from EMP

Unlike many other online stores, EMP there is no order value, from which there is no shipping cost. So it doesn’t matter if you order goods for 20 euros or 200 euros, you always have to pay at least 4.95 euros for delivery.

Only free shipping available if you are a member of the EMP Backstage Club:

  • It’s like “Amazon Prime.” to get the highest quality access to the online store.
  • EMP Backstage Club costs 9.95 euros in the year. This means no more shipping costs for all orders. Here you also have to pay additional charges for cash on delivery and express delivery.
  • In addition to free shipping, there is some more advantages backstage at the club. This way you can add some free items to your orders. For example, a unique T-shirt or flag.
  • You also have access to exclusive itemssuch as special packages or limited edition.
  • As a Backstage member, you can keep your purchased items for 100 days instead of 30 Send back.
  • You can find all the benefits on the website EMP Club Backstage Overview Page.
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If you don’t want to sign up for the Backstage Club, check back from time to time Facebook-Kanal des Internet-Shops. Sometimes information is provided here about coupon codes that can be used to save on shipping costs or receive other discounts.

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