Ozzy Osbourne can’t listen to Black Sabbath albums with Ronnie James Dio

Ozzy Osbourne never listened to Black Sabbath albums with his successor Ronnie James Dio. The singer said this on his Ozzy Speaks radio show.

He says he respects Ronnie and admits he did a “good job”. The Dio era is still not playing from his speakers: “It’s like my ex-wife. If you leave the band, it’s like a divorce.” You don’t ask who the new guy is, he continues.

The singer also praises his former bandmates, urging them to choose someone “completely different” rather than “Ozzy-like”. Osbourne was part of the 1979-1982 Black Sabbath. Kicked out of the group he founded, he was unhappy. “I was extremely sad at the time. The band was the only big thing that ever happened to me. Osbourne rejoined the band in the late 90s and again in 2011.

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