Partisan nest Melitopol: how an occupied city destroys Putin’s troops

Strong resistance to Russian army: partisan nest Melitopol: how an occupied city removes Putin’s troops and officers

In addition to the incredible brutality of the war of aggression against Ukraine, the Russian army was particularly distinguished by one thing: poor or catastrophic military activity. Partisans surrounded by Putin’s army are now teaching Kremlin soldiers to fear the real pockets of resistance.

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His brutal war with Ukraine is bad for Vladimir Putin. The capture of Kiev was abandoned two months ago. And in the eastern regions (regions) of Ukraine in Donetsk and Luhansk, his troops are not making much progress as Putin would like. The Russian army has now even withdrawn from the city of Kharkov in eastern Ukraine, not even 50 kilometers away Russian border removed, revoked. She failed to break the resistance of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s army.

Partisans manage to strike Putin’s troops with strong blows

But what is happening in Melitopol, about 50 kilometers north of the Azov coast, is a particularly clear indication of how the Ukrainians are putting pressure on Putin’s army. Because there are apparently several partisan nests around the city of 150,000 inhabitants. Against and again, the fighters are able to deal heavy blows to the attackers, the number of which far exceeds. And this despite the fact that the whole region is in Russian hands. Melitopol is completely surrounded by the Russian army.

How dangerous are "air pockets"?

According to the regional administration, in Melitopol alone, halfway between Mariupol and Kherson, partisan fighters killed 100 Russian soldiers. As Melitopol mayor Ivan Fyodorov said in a telegram, there were several high-ranking Russian officers among the killed Russian soldiers.

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The Russians are looting houses in Melitopol in search of partisans

In direct response, Putin’s troops tightened controls on private cars on Tuesday to track down partisans, the regional administration told Telegram. In addition, Russian units had broken into private garages and stolen cars several times in search of partisans.

Putin’s army apparently tried to keep the massacre of officers secret

According to AP News Agency the Russian occupiers would have tried to keep the murder of their officers a secret. Nor can regional government reports be validated by independent sources.

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Based on information from U.S. Institute of Military Studies (ISW ) In Washington DC, almost 150 kilometers from east to west and almost 100 kilometers from north to south.

Information from the Ukrainian media portal Ukrinform According to reports, partisans in the city alone staged more than 20 “successful attacks” against the Russian army. The city, meanwhile, was completely controlled by Russia.

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