Peter Öttl: How he cut the cord from Max Biaggi / Moto3

The new Liqui Moly Husqvarna factory team makes its debut in Memmingen in the new IntactGP constellation. Team boss Peter Öttl explains the split with Max Biaggi.

in 2022 At the Jerez GP, Max Biaggi (51) informed his Moto3 team partner Peter Öttl (53) that he will continue to run the Sterilgarda Max Racing Team after the season without his Bavarian business partner. However, the six-time world champion from Italy stayed without a host. Because Peter Öttl has been the owner of this GP team since 2016, first riding for his son Phillip for three years, and after 2018 (Phillip went to the Moto2 World Championship with KTM-Tech3) together with Biaggi. in 2019 still with KTM, Aron Canet became world runner-up with three wins this season, since then with Husqvarna since 2020. with two drivers each.

Today in Memmingen the Liqui-Moly-IntactGP-Team celebrates the end of the season and 2023. team presentation. In the future, Darryn Binder and 250cc European champion Lukas Tulovic will compete in the Moto2 World Championship. Ayumu Sasaki, who finished fourth in the Japanese World Championship and the Red Bull Rookies Cup, will ride the new Liqui Moly Moto3 after a joint venture with Öttl. team – Second Collin Veijer.

In the new MotoE World Championship, the Dynavolt Intact team takes the top two spots for the first time after Domi Aegerter’s overall victory, with Randy Krummenacher and Hector Garzo occupying them.

“The Moto2 and Moto3 teams will appear as one team,” says Peter Öttl. “Jürgen Lingg will take care of the Moto2 class, I will take care of Moto3.

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Peter, you once said that the idea of ​​working with Liqui-Moly-Intact came when you were driving home from the Sachsenring GP in June?

Yes, and the idea was that I was thinking how I could continue the team without Biaggi. And of course the teams of Aki Ajo and Aspar Martinez are the most successful in the two small classes of the World Championship.

My thought was this: It would be ideal to agree on cooperation with a Moto2 racing team. As a German team, only Intact stood out to me. You know each other, that’s how this constellation came about.

The following weekend, the first negotiations with the people responsible for Intact took place in Asene.

Yes, I have come up with how this collaboration could be structured. I suggested it for the first time in Assen.

In a year, two Moto3 racers need about 1.5 million euros. Intact team sponsors immediately interested? When were you sure it would work? At Silverstone at the beginning of August, another possibility suddenly appeared that Max Biaggi can continue?

Yes, Max already decided to continue without me at the end of April in Jerez. After this information I consulted with IRTA and Dorna. They confirmed that I was the rightful owner of the team because I signed the contracts every year. Then I should let Augustus know if I can go on living without him. This is what Dorna and IRTA wanted.

Max Biaggi has been informed that his “team application” will be treated as a new application, but no new Moto3 teams will be added.

Exactly. There was never any doubt about that. IRTA and Dorna officials assured me: “Biaggi will not replace you as a team owner.” And they definitely told me, “If you continue, we would be very happy.”

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You have been working with KTM and Pierer Mobility AG since 2001. Was there a lack of support for your Husqvarna Factory team from this side as well?

Yes, in 2001 I worked in the KTM supermoto scene. My first contact was Kris Rosenberg and then Kurt Nicoll. Pit Beirer came to KTM later.

When was the future of your Husqvarna Moto3 team finally decided, including funding?

A week after the Dutch TT in Assen, we met again in Memmingen. Then we discussed the project once, Intact was positive.

But it wasn’t until the Spielberg GP, when Pierer Mobility AG gave the right to continue the Husqvarna team, that the whole project became interesting.

After that I had to clear up the situation with Biaggi. Contract matters had to be discussed. He had some ideas, I mean. But then everything became clear. This continued until the Aragon GP in mid-September. It was clear there: cooperation with Intact would work.

Moto3 World Championship final standings (after 20 races):

1. Guevara 319 points. 2. Garcia 257. 3. Foggia 246. 4. Sasaki 238. 5. Pioneer 200. 6. Masia 177. 7. Suzuki 130. 8. Moreira 112. 9. Migno 103. 10….

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