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SPORT BILD: Mr. Petersen, why did SC Freiburg win for the first time on Saturday DFB Cup?

Nils Petersen (33): Because we deserve it and can’t stand the pressure of losing to the finals twice (as opponents in Leipzig; ed.). We have also won five times in the away season this season, and this match is another outing. We are outsiders on paper, but we all want outsiders victory and we believe we can be better at that most important percentage point. I am also sure that many people in Germany would like to win Freiburg.

What would winning the Cup mean for Freiburg?

I never thought I could win the title with Freiburg – I don’t count the second division championship among them. We were eliminated so many times in the early wheels that I never thought about it. At the same time, there is still talk of the 2013 semi-finals or the team that once remained third. The people of Freiburg are dying for the title. Ever since we got to the finals, I have felt great appreciation in the city – we have gained a lot of new fans.

And for you personally?

I also want to finally say that I won the title! I haven’t managed to lift anything yet. And I’d like people to say after 20 years that the team of Christian Streich and Nils Petersen is the team that won the cup.

Would a personally won cup with Freiburg be as worth as ten Bayern titles?

Yes, of course! Everyone still remembers the unexpected victory of the Nuremberg Cup under Hans Meyer (2007; ed.). The same would be true for Freiburg. No one will forget this victory. That would be a national surprise, and I dream of becoming a winner of the Surprise Cup.

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What will you take with you to the finals?

I’m glad I can share this game with my loved ones. There will definitely be a Nils-Petersen bloc (laughs). There are the closest family members there. My parents, grandmother, sister and wife. Also my closest friends. My best friend also has a kind of happiness charm for me – as soon as he was, we won.

Has Freiburg ever had as many fans as the Cup final against RB – because everyone else is behind you too?

Since Leipzig is criticized for its lack of tradition, I think many will be behind us. But Leipzig will also want to take advantage of that, saying now more than ever.

How does this huge support feel?

This is something special. For several weeks now, there has been only one topic in the city – how to get tickets, who is there, etc. It will be a mega spectacle. I’m already waiting for warming up.

You’re from the East: do you really see RB as a real Eastern club?

Yes, of course. I am also pleased that the East is represented in the Bundesliga. I’m not a fan of Leipzig, but I’m always happy when we play there because a lot of my friends come into the game. Others failed, then a RB was formed. I don’t think that’s bad either.

Why so?

Sure, there’s a lot of money behind that and you don’t have to be a big fan of it, but in the end, he hasn’t done a bad job so far. Players like Poulsen or Forsberg have been there forever. I have nothing against RB.

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You scored three goals in your career for Leipzig, all three when you started, so do you have to start?

(laughs) Be sure to write statistics so our coach can read them. Maybe I need to show him these stats again to get into Start XI. I would love to play from the start and run into the stadium in front of the marathon gate.

They also scored 1: 0 in the semi-finals and quarter-finals …

I’ve already submitted a good application, yes (laughs). But I support every decision, albeit resoundingly. Only the team is counted now.

You know, Christian Streich is always wild – is he also so emotional when he praises the team?

He already has a good way. We also need his energy, especially now in the finals. Be that as it may sometimes be, it is frustrating. He just gives us so much when he makes a zampana. At the same time, he trusts us.

Would winning the Cup be Christian Streich’s glory?

For him and SC Freiburg! I just wish Christian Streich something to win. That would be our gift to him, and I’m sure all of Germany would be happy to see it if he …

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