Pharmacy: A mother was shocked at how her daughter (12) was treated with Rossmann

It was a “terrible incident,” reports Nordkurier reader Yvonne H. from Greifswald. Something happened to her at the pharmacy which still unnerves her and leaves her speechless even days later. Because mom obviously had to be a witness as her twelve-year-old daughter suddenly took it and took it away there was – and no one told her anything about it.

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They wanted to get a few more presents from Santa, so they poked around at Greifswald’s Rossmann restaurant. “Then my daughter was standing by the tea and looking at her. I was at the reception and wanted to pay, my daughter was about to leave. Suddenly a worker comes, grabs my daughter by the hand and simply takes her away!

“What are you doing with my child?”

Suspected shoplifting, it can happen. But in this case, two problems arise: the daughter allegedly did not steal anything – and: the mother was completely ignored. “I excitedly asked where she was going with my child,” Yvonne H. remembers her reaction, but she received nothing but silence from the employee. “I quickly pay and follow, thinking they must be behind that peephole door.

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However, the excited mother does not stop here either. “I kept knocking on the door, then another cashier answered. I say, ‘What are you doing with my child?’ Again no answer, the woman walks past me and closes the door. The mother knocks until her daughter finally comes out – full of tears and clearly shocked.

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“I ask the employee, what is this supposed to mean?” She explained that it looked like the girl had stolen it, but then said, “No.” Yvonne H. is totally upset, “everyone in the store must have noticed.” The police arrive, there are complaints about “theft of small things”, but also about bodily harm and imprisonment crimes, the questionable behavior of the store employees with the girl in the room.

“I don’t understand why no one answered”

And what does Rossmann say about it? Not so much “as the incident is an ongoing factual investigation.” However, the spokeswoman makes it clear that “the behavior described is in no way tolerated by us if it occurred in this form.” However, the current situation is “slightly different than previously described.” They are working “full speed ahead” to find out what happened.

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The case is also being investigated by the police, witnesses are being interviewed and videos are being evaluated. There is a theft report from the branch and a report from the mother. Meanwhile, Yvonne H. is just sad about what happened. “Everyone has become so aggressive, some people think they can do whatever they want,” she says. She doesn’t know why the workers on site acted the way she described. “I don’t understand why no one answered my questions. My daughter also said, “My mom is there!”

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