Places, waiting times, funding: what is the situation with kindergartens in Neuwied?

Press release from 12/08/2022

What is the situation with kindergartens in the Neuwied area? State MP Ellen Demuth’s request to the state government shows there are currently 8,418 vacancies in the district. In the 2022/23 nursery-kindergarten year, an increase of places is expected by almost 240 places. More information about next year is not yet available.


Neuwied district. Ellen Demuth also reports on the Ministry of Education’s response: “In the two districts of the District Youth Welfare Office and the City Youth Welfare Office of Neuwied, the number of educational staff is 1,273 full-time equivalents. Unfortunately, the District Youth Welfare Office does not provide any information on the waiting time for parents and children to be seated. that waiting times of one to two years are currently possible.

Language support is supported by the state in that the share of personnel costs is increased by the share of language support. Next
The local organization could finance from the budget of the social space.

The MP criticized state funding for needs-based proposals: “Federal and state governments set the specifications for the operation of a day centre. Municipalities are responsible for construction and operation. Personnel support and construction tools are not indicated. Just one example from the answer: The new municipal kindergarten “Bullerb Asbach” will cost 3.4 million euros, with a state subsidy of 658,500 euros. Also with other examples: The size of the state subsidy does not reach 20 percent. . Many municipalities are financially forced to ensure the necessary supply of kindergarten places. They cannot meet the demand because they are reaching their financial limits. And the need for kindergartens also creates additional demand for schools.”

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(Press release from Bürgerbro Ellen Demuth)

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