Pokémon Crimson and Crimson: Earn money fast and how to find a coin amulet

There’s always a question in the Pokémon games Money and it is Pokémon Crimson and Crimson not otherwise. You can buy a lot of things with it, from Poké Balls to potions and clothes.

But how to enter Pokémon Crimson and Crimson fast money? There are several tools and ways to increase your bank balance. Ours Manager we will tell you more about it!


Where can I get a coin amulet?

Pokémon Crimson and Crimson are also ways to increase your bank balance. Coin amulet. If you have it and attach it to a Pokemon, it doubles the prize moneywhich you get in battles – if the bearer participates in said battle.

This can be useful, especially in brawls later in the game or when fighting arena leaders. If you can, you should get the Coin Amulet as early as possible.

Anywhere? It is awarded by a Pokémon League representative, which you can find in some Paldeia Pokémon Centers, who reward you for winning battles against trainers.

You can get the Coin Amulet from the Amulet in the Northeast mesclarra set up a Pokémon Center as a reward. The prerequisite is that you five coaches around West Zone 3.

Which shouldn’t be a problem at all. Check out the lanes and fields in the area and you should have no problem finding five trainers to fight. You can find some near the hill to the south of the Pokémon Center or along the road to the north that leads to the mountains.

Note that the Pokémon levels here are from 20 to 30 enough, so make sure your team is ready for it. The Pokémon you’ll be fighting here are Dragon, Water, Dark, Flying, and Electric. Fairy, Fighting, and Plant types are recommended for your own Pokémon.

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After defeating the five trainers, return to the agent and collect the Coin Amulet.

Where to get coin amulet Pokemon Crimson and Crimson Money.

Where to get coin amulet Pokemon Crimson and Crimson Money.

Here you will get a Coin Amulet.

How can I get money fast?

In addition to the coin amulet, you can earn extra money by selling the items you find.

Keep an eye out for sparkling items that can be found in almost every corner of the Paldeia region. Here you will find particularly valuable items 3 east zone or to the hissing desert.

things like Stardust, Stone Bone, Smooth Chunk, Hot Chunk or Wet Chunk (you’ll find more pieces in the east) can be sold as well as development stones you don’t need.

Just drive your Pokémon around the game world and collect all the shiny objects you find on the ground. Of course, you have more space in the desert, but you can see the shiny objects better in the eastern zone 3.

If you have Pokemon with the Team Take Ability, such as Meowth or Phanpy, you should take them with you. They sometimes give you more items and the higher their level, the better the items.

Here are some things you can sell for good money:

object selling price
Giant nugget 20,000
Comet piece 12,500
Tripperle 10,000
fragrant mushroom 7,500
star piece 6,000
Nugget 5,000
Steinknochen 2500
Glattbrücken 2000
a hot piece 2000
moist pieces 2000
Stardust 1500
Pearl 1000
Sonnenstein 750
Mondstein 750
flint 750
Donnerstein 750
Powder sand 750
A wonderful spring 500

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