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Eight firefighters from Hamburg went to Poland to hand over two technical trucks to their colleagues in Nisko, near the Ukrainian border. Police reporters share their experiences with them.

Lots of material boxes are stacked on the loading area of ​​the equipment cart.  © Hamburg Fire Brigade

The two technical carts donated by Hamburg firefighters are full of materials needed to set up a mobile hospital.

For the Hamburg fire brigade, this was no mission like any other. Christian Kossmer, head of operations, stresses that he is very concerned that the two equipment vehicles will not be able to travel. The vehicles were not designed to travel that far, ie 1,000 kilometers. Therefore, an experienced car mechanic was taken along. The first breakdown took place just before Berlin. “Suddenly there was smoke from the fire and a rope burning at the bottom of the brake,” Kossmer recalls. But fortunately, this disaster was quickly rectified and the journey can continue.

Several firefighters are stationed in front of a yellow equipment truck from the Hamburg fire brigade.  © Hamburg Fire Brigade

Broadcast: Police reporters 2022-05-17 | 07:40 | by Salander, Kai; Schmidtas, Ingmaras

45 min
| Available until May 17, 2023

When Salander and Ingmar Schmidt talk to firefighters about their experience in supplying relief supplies to Ukraine.

“Sudden war is very close”

Firefighters Markus Prohl and Christian Kossmer stand on the street in uniform.  © NDR 90.3 Photo: Arman Ahmadi

For Mark Prohl (right) and Christian Kossmer, it is really more important to help people than to be in public. They gladly made an exception for police journalists.

Along the way, a delegation of eight firefighters also experienced many impressions of the war. Markus Prohl explains that about 100 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, the first trucks with broken tanks arrived towards them. “You suddenly realize it’s not normal.” Kossmer, the head of operations, will not forget the conversation with the Ukrainian firefighter. A colleague from the war zone reported that many of his comrades had been shot while on duty. In Die Polizeireporter’s 16th podcast, firefighters talk to police journalists Kai Salander and Ingmar Schmidt about why Kosmer was not afraid of war, how the Hamburg fire brigade supports Ukraine and what impressions the war left.

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Police journalists © istockphoto.com Photo: malia / pattilabelle

When Salander and Ingmar Schmidt report on their interesting experiences as police reporters in Hamburg, “the gateway to the criminal world.”

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NDR 90.3 Police reporters 2022-05-17 | 7:40 a.m.

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