PS5 and PS4 year in review: How to find out how many hours you played in 2022


If you played a lot on PS5 or PS4, you can see how many hours you played in 2022. during the new year of review PlayStation.

Sony is giving PlayStation fans 2022

Sony is giving PlayStation fans 2022 year review. (Source: Sony)

  • The PlayStation Year in Review is here.
  • Find out how many hours you played in 2022.

What in 2022 PS5 or PS4, might be shocked to see the year round now available. The total game time can be called up there.

Offers until 2023 January 13 Sony the year under review. enabled the following website you can see it by logging in with your PSN account.

Therefore, you should determine which titles you played the most in 2022. Perhaps there are such best names Senior ring and Horizon Forbidden West including

If you click through all the review pages, you can also get a coupon code to redeem it for an Astro Bot avatar.

Still looking for a new Sony console? we tell you where are you currently buying PS5.

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