Radolfzell: Between War and Christmas: How Ukrainians Want to Get Involved

That the Ukrainian refugees in the region want to get involved in their new homeland and bring their culture closer to the Germans was already clear in the summer, when at the end of August Radolfzeller Milchwerk. a holiday was celebrated on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine. After about a quarter of a year, other actions are already planned: the group led by the initiator Vitalijaus Tomniukas is working on three projects in the run-up to Christmas.

express gratitude

“One appreciates what the Germans have achieved,” explains Stanislav Karnacevych, who has lived and translated in Germany for many years. “Thank you and I want to give something back.” Thanks should be expressed to the Ukrainian refugees.

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But that’s not all: “At the same time, we want to show that the war is not over yet,” emphasizes Vitalijs Tomniukas. “You still need help.” Because when winter comes, the needs of Ukrainians and the Ukrainian army do not decrease – they need, for example, warm clothes, medicine and sleeping bags. Therefore, all income from pre-Christmas activities should be used to support the military and, for example, buy generators for the soldiers.

Handmade Christmas fair

For the first time, refugees want to present their stand on December 1-4. Radolfzell Christmas Market to submit As Vitaliy Tomniuk reports, there will be, among other things, handmade ornaments for the Christmas tree, cakes and Christmas candles.

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“We want to show that Ukrainians really want to integrate in all areas,” explains the initiator. The goods for the stand are made by the refugees themselves.

Christmas meeting with photos at the dairy

As a follow-up event, on December 20 from 4 p.m. Radolfzeller Milchwerk is planning a Christmas gathering not only for refugees, but also for everyone who wants to participate in the independence celebration in August. And like the Independence Day, there will be a photo exhibition again. However, this time it is not about the war in Ukraine, but about “the life of Ukrainian refugees in the Konstanz region in recent months”, as reported by Vitalijs Tomniuks. The helpers of Singen and Konstanz would also provide materials for this.

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A market with Christmas decorations is also planned. “And you can’t have a party without a concert,” the initiator is convinced. That is why Ukrainians from Stockach, Singen, Radolfzell and Constance want to make music together. “And it may also turn out that musicians from Ukraine may come,” says Tomniuk, but it is not clear yet. Arrival and departure are expensive. – But maybe it will work.

The city supports the plans

As Vitaliy Tomniuk reports, he presented his plans to Mayor Simon Gröger, who supported the project. For the Christmas meeting, the city of Radolfzel again provided premises in the milk factory free of charge. According to spokeswoman Nicole Rabanser, the costs incurred by the city will be covered by donations to the city’s aid to Ukraine.

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And the city management also supports the third planned campaign: on the morning of December 10, children and young people who fled Ukraine will have a cultural group, where they can sing, knit, and do handicrafts,” says Tomniuk. “Costs for courses and handicraft materials are also paid once with donations to the Ukrainian municipality,” explains…

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