Rangnick: “The result looks like the wrong movie”

ÖFB team leader Ralph Rangnick analyzes Austria’s small home defeat against Denmark.

The start under neo-team boss Ralf Rangnick was promising.

The start under neo-team boss Ralf Rangnick was promising.
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As in the previous World Cup qualifiers, so on Austrian national team defeat against Denmark, but this time the ÖFB selection showed a different face than last year’s 0: 4 and 0: 1. It was unfortunate in Monday’s 1: 2 League of Nations at Happel Stadium that David Alaba and Co. would have scored at least one point before the 1992 European champions.

Especially in the second half, the hosts missed a few seats, which caused some frustration for team boss Ralf Rangnick. “We had eight high-end odds, Denmark not half as low. So the result doesn’t seem like it in the film,” the German explained, demanding: “In the future, when the button is pointed, we will have to pull the game towards us.”

It almost succeeded, but Markas Arnautovičius’ shot in the 100th national team came to the fore. If the Bologna professional had scored 2: 1, “there was a good chance we would win the match,” Rangnick said. Having two great chances in the first half – Sasa Kalajdzicius’ blow from the pole and Konrad Laimer’s attempt – the line player misjudged the sideline. “According to VAR research, both goals would be included,” the 63-year-old said.

Despite the many opportunities missed, the national team coach did not want to blame his team. “It was a match we played really well for a long time, especially when Denmark had the ball. Besides missing two goals, we didn’t make many mistakes.” Just having the ball “didn’t always make the right decision,” the coach complained.

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Austrian team leader Rangnick: “I can only praise boys”

Rangnick made a three-time change during the break, as he did 3-0 in Croatia on Friday. All three Osijek goal players were replaced, including Arnautovičius, who brought a lot of acceleration. “The changes have further increased our pressure, sometimes we’ve really pushed an opponent in. Maybe we lacked a little bit of luck, but I can only praise the guys for their strength after a long season. We made room. The investment was great,” Rangnick said. I’m happy with the show, but not the result. ”

It has not been clear for a long time whether the game will happen at all. In some parts of Vienna’s second district, the power outage was delayed by 90 minutes and Rangnick had to reheat his troops to operating temperatures. During the forced break, he addressed the team in another speech “to turn the battery back on,” the coach said. – It was not easy to keep the tension high, but both teams were able to do it.

Rangnick changed the starting line-up against Denmark by nine positions compared to Croatia. He even thought of “full rotation,” but he said he was rejected because of Hannes Wolf’s trauma, which was unprepared for shoulder and neck problems.

That’s probably one of the reasons why Konrad Laimer and Xaver Schlager played in two previous matches. “Both gave the signal that they were fit and alert enough to play,” Rangnick said. The coach said of Laimer, “I don’t know if anyone has sprinted more than he has against Croatia.” Nicolas Seiwald was also particularly praised: “He will have an international career. When the scouts were here, they saw him as an exceptional player by his age,” Rangnick said of the 21-year-old.

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A sold-out house is expected against France

The team boss must now return his team to Friday’s match against France at Happel Stadium. “We need a team that is as rested and refreshing as possible against France. There has to be enough capacity for such games.”

Although only 18,700 against Denmark …

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