Record number of participants: Krien’s classic car meeting is more popular than ever

“Have fun. It shouldn’t be more,” says Armin Pasewald. But no less: like other events in the region, two years later it was full of restrictions and cancellations. classic car meeting Krien on Saturday to realize that “having fun” is currently at the top of many people’s to-do lists.

After the meeting had to be canceled twice, so many historic vehicles appeared Krien sports ground Armin, Ramona and Anja Pasewald, as well as Torsten Zilskis, who organized the event together with the community and other helpers, enjoyed riding like never before.

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From Samson to the tractor

The fact that so many vintage cars came to Krien from near and far this year, of course, may also be due to the fact that it all makes sense. At least most of the hundreds of visitors probably got their money’s worth.

Among other things, it was possible to admire the legendary mopeds from the smithy of Suhl Simsonmotorcycles from Zschopau, well-maintained satellites and other cars, but also trucks and Lanz Bulldog tractors. Last but not least, the old Krien Fire Department joined the veterans and made the final round, as reported by Mayor Mike Stegemann.

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Great appetite for pea soup

However, the organizers were also satisfied with the number of traders in the flea market. It was at least 30 units. Everything was completed by a wide range of food and beverages, and pea soup was apparently particularly popular and sold out on time.

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The Krien vintage car meeting was held for the third time this year. Initially, only a flea market was planned at the sports ground, Anja Pasewald reports from the beginning. Then came the idea of ​​vintage cars and now you have a combination of both that works well as well.

And even if award-winning specimens appeared among the vintage cars, trophies would not be presented at the Krien meeting. Because “all vehicles are beautiful,” says Ramona Pasewald.

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