Recycling in Dresden: how plastic waste is made into new toys

Processing with expertise from Saxony

Children’s products are the pinnacle of recycling, as recyclate is blacklisted as an ingredient in toys and even more so in pacifiers that babies put in their mouths. But now “nothing is impossible” for HolyPoly’s 25 employees, and research and development continue.

Fridolin Pfluger’s founding team received hands-on training at the Kunststoffschmiede, one of the many open workshops of the Dresden Makerspace Konglomerat, which featured open-source building plans and years of learning. In order to finally make a real difference, they started their own business as HolyPoly with the idea of ​​a working plastic cycle in 2020, because after all they are on a mission: resource conservation.

During Fridays for the Future, this was understood as an absolute necessity. At that moment we said: OK, now is the time, we are in front of the wave. Everything worked really well in the garage, why wouldn’t a German engineer work in German industry?

Fridolin Pfluger, founder and co-CEO of HolyPoly

The demand for their expertise proves their colleagues at HolyPoly right, and even if currently recycling plastic is still more expensive than producing new materials from oil, their innovative plastic processing, which is still in its infancy, is sure to become popular in the future.

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