Robert Geiss reveals how much money he has

Robert and Carmen Geiss are swimming in luxury. For years, they have allowed viewers to share their wealth. But how rich is the couple really?

In 2011, Robert was flashing Carmen Geiss their reality documentary The Geisens – A Terribly Glamorous Family premiered on screens. For more than ten years, an audience of millions has followed the couple as they travel, shop, sip champagne and spend money.

“I have 100 million euros”

How much money Robert Geiss has in the account, he did not disclose it. Up to now. The 58-year-old revealed details of the assets for the first time. “100 million euros I’m full,” the businessman said on the current OMR podcast. “Thats all. interestthis is the basis for me to live peacefully even at the age of 70″.

Carmen and Robert Geiss: The first episode of their TV show aired in 2011.
Carmen and Robert Geiss: The first episode of their TV show aired in 2011. (Source: imago/Horst Galuschka)

He made his first million by selling the fashion brand Uncle Sam. He co-founded the label with his brother in the mid-1980s. in 1995 the brand was sold for 140 million marks. Shares were shared by two brothers.

He now invests in real estate and stocks, among other things. However, his investments are not always crowned with success. “The wired card cost me money, but thank God only a few hundred thousand is gone,” said the millionaire.

“We don’t feel really rich”

But Robert Geiss was not aloof. This is mainly determined by his place of residence. “Monaco has the advantage that we don’t feel really rich. Because people walk here and your shoes fall off,” explains the 58-year-old. The businessman has been living with his wife on the Mediterranean coast of France since the 1990s.

“When you enter the port, there are ships 100 or even 120 meters long. There are models costing 500 million. even when we’re driving the yacht,” Geiss said.

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