Rose quartz facial roller: The downside of the cosmetic trend

Smooth skin with a jade or rose quartz facial roller, the manufacturers say. We show the sad truth behind the trendy product and what alternatives there are to scooters.

Facial roller: do you still apply cream or do you already use a roller?

You see strange looking products with green, pink or clear stones in many places, in pharmacies, social networks or even as a special offer in the supermarket. But what about face rollers made from rose quartz, jade and other crystals?

First of all, what are facial rollers and what are they supposed to do: Facial rollers consist of a handle with a small roller made of gemstone on each end. A slightly longer roller is for cheeks and forehead. The other end has a shorter roller that you can roll around the eyes or mouth area. Rollers are usually made of rose quartz, but can also be made of jade or amethyst.

Here’s what a gemstone face massage should do:

  • Massage your face with facial rollers made of precious stones. This should increase the effect of your skin care.
  • Cold stone should swelling reduce around the eyes.
  • A scooter should too Stress reduce redness and blemishes.
  • die precious stones They are said to soothe the skin and reduce tension.

Is a facial roller really a beauty must-have or just a photogenic accessory on social networks? If the reports out there are to be believed, the facial roller is the ideal tool for smoother skin. We took a closer look.

Does the face roller deliver what it promises?

So what is behind the promised effects?

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Diet massage:

  • Yes but: The facial roller massages the skin as you lightly press it across your face. But you can achieve the same effect with one face massage – a jade roller is not necessary for this. The only way he can help you get a regular massage is if you see him lying in the bath.
  • Massage stimulates blood circulation, the skin looks fresher and more rosy. Skin with good blood circulation opens up the pores, making it easier for care products to reach the upper layers of the skin.

Decongestant effect:

  • You should be careful and cautious here. If you apply too much pressure, it can backfire.
  • The skin under the eyes is sensitive, especially when it is swollen. Tissue fluid often accumulates under the eyes at night because the lymphatic system is less active. This causes swelling of the eyes. The lymphatic system is something like a sewage system and removes anything that remains in the tissue as waste.
  • You can activate the lymph flow by gently rotating the roller. In this way, a similar effect can be achieved as with manual lymphatic drainage. A form of treatment when the skin is swollen. to pharmacy journal reports that lymphatic drainage requires a very gentle touch. Treatment can only be performed by specially trained therapists. The effect of manual lymphatic drainage has not yet been fully medically proven, but it is usually already recognized as a therapy.


  • Again, the answer is: Yes but. Gently rub the skin with a jade roller or a rose quartz roller. These touches can help increase the tension of the day. But a gentle massage, stroking the face can also calm you down.
  • Do you also use a soothing cream or serum such as su Chamomileredness of the skin may decrease.

Effects of Gemstones:

  • Medically there is no receiptsthat gems affect the body. This theory belongs to alternative healing methods. Inside traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or with Hildegard von Bingen from the Middle Ages there are treatises on the subject.

Conclusion: A face roller is not really necessary. In addition, the product is more than questionable for other reasons, as you will learn below. Other beauty procedures as simple sauna or exfoliating your face can have at least the same positive effect on your skin and well-being, especially if you use natural ingredients in your exfoliant DIY.

Rose Quartz, Jade & Co: The dark side of face rollers

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Unfortunately, child labor is not uncommon; also…

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