Royals: How racist is the Royal Family? New allegations spark debate

The royal family has caught up with new accusations of racism. In her sensational television interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, Duchess Meghan accused the British royal family of racism. Now, due to a new scandal, one lady had to resign. The debate on this topic has flared up again.

Just a few months after King Charles III took office. Allegations of racism have overtaken the British royal family. Crown Prince William quickly distanced himself from his godmother Lady Susan Hussey’s comments to the black activist at a reception hosted by Queen Camilla. The waiting lady asked Ngozi Fulani several times where she was “really” from. The palace stressed that the King and Queen had been informed. But the family doesn’t seem to have gotten over the problem.

“The problem with Charles and William is that the focus is already shifting from the actions of a single woman to the wider question of whether Buckingham Palace is institutionally racist,” royal family expert Peter Hunt told PA news agency. The scandal at Buckingham Palace comes at a bad time, especially for William.

The 40-year-old is currently in Boston, on the US east coast, with his wife Princess Kate to present the Earthshot prize for climate protection projects, a project close to Williams’ heart. When the royal couple attended a basketball game as the first element of the program and were introduced in the hall, there was also a whistle, as reported by the PA. But the connection was unclear.

New accusations of racism – the House is distancing itself

On Wednesday, the Fulani reported about Twitter account her organization Sistah Space, which campaigns against violence against women, from a conversation with a lady in the waiting room. The woman, who identified herself only as ‘SH’, was not satisfied with the reply that she was British and born in Britain. It was nothing short of racism “to the extreme”, the activist told the Mirror newspaper.

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Fulani spoke on the BBC about “a form of abuse”. What she regretted most was that such statements were made in front of other participants of the reception “on a day when we have to work against violence against women.”

In a quick statement, the chamber criticized the “unacceptable and deeply regrettable comments”. The waitress apologized and resigned. As a ‘lady-in-waiting’, she was a close friend of Queen Elizabeth II and was by her side on her way to her husband Prince Philip’s funeral in 2021.

Fulani did not accept the fact that Lady Susan, who was quickly identified as the culprit by the media, was 83 years old. Rhetorically, she asked: “Are we going to accept that you can’t be racist or inappropriate because of your age?” Another attendee at the reception, lawyer Nazir Afzal, told The Mirror Hussey, referring to his background. asked

“It’s institutional racism”

For many, the scandal highlighted how racism is being fought in Britain. Labor MP Jonathan Ashworth told Sky News there was a lot of everyday racism in society. “Unfortunately, we still have to educate people,” said Secretary of State Paul Scully.

However, the victim specifically targeted the palace. “It is about more than one person. This is institutional racism,” Fulani told the Independent newspaper. It is true that everyone is checked before visiting the palace. “But what protects us black people from this kind of behavior? This incident is unfortunate and shows that nothing has changed,” said the activist.

Broadcaster Sky News commented that the lady’s claims were “at best a naive misjudgment and…

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