Silverstone GP – Mick Schumacher slowed by problems with Haas car as in Montreal

The Haas driver says the rainy conditions at Silverstone should have generally suited the Haas because you run with a lot of downforce.

“The weather conditions should have suited our car, actually, but because of this problem we had a lot of understeer and massive oversteer in other corners. So the car was not what we expected,” said Schumacher.

The German’s on-board camera showed that he had to adjust the steering wheel slightly to the left. Anything but ideal in wet conditions in qualifying. “I think it’s a small mistake, but it had a big impact,” said the Haas pilot.

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According to Schumacher, the cause of the problem is not yet known: “We don’t know exactly yet, but the steering wheel was tilted quite far to the left, which of course is not very nice. We have more catching up to do in the race.”

“Not a smooth day”

It wasn’t much better for his teammate Magnussen: “The first part of the session was still pretty good, but at the end of the last two laps, when I was on new tires and pushing as hard as possible, there was nothing. It seems others could have found even more pace than us,” said the Dane.

Haas Team Principal Günther Steiner sums up his team’s performance on Saturday: “Today was not a smooth day. Mick did a very good job in FT3 but Kevin couldn’t find the balance in the car. In qualifying we just had too much understeer in the rain and too much wear on the left front tire.

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Steiner: The steering wheel is adjustable in ten degrees

“We just couldn’t get the car around the corner so we were already out in Q1.” The steering wheel on Mick’s car was tilted about ten degrees, which of course isn’t ideal when you’re trying to qualify in these conditions. We’re regrouping now to get the best out of tomorrow,” Steiner said.

But the British Grand Prix is ​​likely to be tough for Haas as, in addition to poor qualifying, Schumacher and Magnussen didn’t exactly shine in the race simulation on Friday. “Hopefully we can fix the problem tomorrow, if not it will probably be a tough race,” said the German.

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