Sperm Donation: “Not knowing your father is like a black hole”

At the age of nine, Christiane Dollmann learned that she became pregnant through donation. Her many years of searching for her genetic father have so far been unsuccessful. She lacks important details of her own personality puzzle.

Three-year-old Kleo sniffs the air from his swollen cheeks. However, white dandelion umbrellas do not relax. Christiane Dollmann caresses her daughter’s blonde hair. “The flower is wet, so it doesn’t work,” she explains. Cleo and her mother have the same smile, the same color eyes, both look happy and fresh. “I always wonder how much she has me,” says the 37-year-old. But in her daughter, she also sees her husband, Kleo’s dad. Christiane Dollmann herself has never met her father. She became pregnant through sperm donation.

She learned about sperm donation while on vacation

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