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Despite the constant night frosts in the first half of March, which reduced the daily averages, until March 7. inclusive, all had a negative sign – March exceeded 1961. period climate average (1.0 degree). by 1990, when it averaged 3.9 degrees, quite clearly 2.9 degrees. Compared to 1991-2020. the monthly average of the warmer period (3.1 degrees), the deviation was smaller – 0.8 degrees.

In early April, nothing was left of the spring, sunny March weather. Instead, huge cold weather with snow, cold, and strong northeast wind gusts determined the weather pattern.

The cold air that reached high, which was originally brought in by a north-northeast stream, was blown away by a stormy gusty north-northeast wind with a top speed of up to 64.4 kilometers. per hour (8 Bft), followed by a lively and changeable situation in the West.

Atlantic low-pressure areas have now transported more cloudy sea air to our western region, causing endless humidity. Pike soaked snow brought 50 liters per square meter in one day.

Hoch Reiner completed the late winter spectacle. Together with the adversaries, the southern current developed, with which the warmer and drier weather reached our region. After that, the temperature went in the opposite direction again.

It was also affected by Easter under the influence of Hoch Spiro over Scandinavia, which remained friendly and dry but fresh due to the continental air flowing with the east current. At night, the mercury even fell into the mild cold range.

Warmer than usual

Until April 28. the average temperature in April was still lower than the international temperature in 1961-1990. period (5.7 degrees). That only changed at the end of the month. Now its average was 5.8 degrees. It exceeded the reference value by 0.1 degree. According to the long-term average for the newer period 1991-2020 (7.6 degrees), April 2022 was 1.8 degrees too cold.

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In the case of several high-pressure zones, which, individually and sometimes together, acted as a bridge, May began in a friendly, dry manner, with the exception of 4 May. with partly heavy rains – and getting warmer in early summer.

The latter was made possible by the current turning south-southwest, which carried warm air from the Pyrenees to our land. Who led to the first summer day of the year on May 11; the next followed eight days later.

As in previous years, there were no ice saints who usually felt mild frosts in the middle of the month. A phase of colds, but without cold weather, began, however, with polar cold air flowing northwest at the end of the month, which significantly reduced the temperature.

Nevertheless, we experienced a very warm May, with an average temperature of 13.7 degrees, which was 3.9 degrees higher than the international 9.8 degrees in 1961-1990. reference value for the period. A significant positive deviation of 2.0 degrees was also obtained compared to the average value of 11.7 degrees warmer between 1991 and 2020.


Spring temperatures ranged from moderately cool minus 7.6 degrees on April 3 to warm 25.9 degrees on May 19th. The coldest day of spring was April 2, when temperatures ranged from minus 4.1 to 0.7 degrees, so the average temperature was minus 1.9 degrees. The warmest day of spring, with temperatures ranging from 11.9 to 25.5 degrees, was early summer warm May 11, with an average of 19.0 degrees.

There were 27 frost days (18 in March, one of them with permafrost, and nine in April).

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The sum of 200 degrees meadow temperature, which means a sustainable start to vegetation, was reached on April 6th. It was only April 17 in the cold spring of last year.

The balance of spring precipitation was negative – 167.6 liters per square meter. The amount corresponded to 78.7 percent. 1961-1990 The reference values ​​for the period are 213 liters per square meter. Compared to the average of the newer period of 1991–2020 (221 liters per square meter), 75.8% was obtained.

It was the third spring in a row that was too dry. March and May were too dry – only 27 and 61.2 …

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