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Studio “Choirs in the Time of Corona”

Every fifth choir still does not rehearse

08.12.2022 from BR-CLASSIK, EPD

Choirs in German-speaking countries are still suffering from the effects of the corona pandemic. This is shown by a study of the Catholic University of Eichstät-Ingolstadt. Children’s and youth choirs are particularly affected.

Impressions from Vocal Mass 2019 |  Image source: Rüdiger Schestag

Image source: Rüdiger Schestag

Even if choir rehearsals and concerts have long been allowed again: one in five choirs in the German-speaking world still does not rehearse. As a result, it came about ChoCo study (“Choirs in the Time of Corona”), led by Kathrin Schlemmer, professor of musicology at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (KU). Children’s and youth choirs feel the effects of the corona pandemic particularly painfully: they have been unable to attract members for a long time. As a result, ensembles often need to be rearranged, according to the study.

In order to find out how the choirs are currently doing, according to KU, the survey was repeated this spring from 2021. Although in 2021 the survey still had more than 4,600 responses, this time the researchers counted about 1,000 participants.

The Choir Sings After and Despite Corona – KOSMOS MUSIK podcast with Suzanna Randall

Corona changed the choral landscape. Now, more than two and a half years after the start of the pandemic, podcast host Suzanna Randall reviews the news podcast KOSMOS MUSIK: How have choirs experienced the pandemic? How many choirs have contracted and where has something new emerged from the crisis? And can I now sing in the choir as carelessly as before? Listen to the podcast episode “The Choir Sings After and Despite Corona” here.

Declining membership and financial concerns

Declining membership, financial concerns and youth issues were the main issues in 2021. findings of the March wave of the ChoCo survey (“Chorai in the Time of Corona”). Even in 2022 in the spring, most of the choirs had not yet reached their initial numbers. members again. Eight percent of choirs expected permanent and significant loss of members.

The mental health of the choir members has improved

However, a further study also shows a positive result: the musical and mental well-being of the choir members has improved compared to 2021. Apparently, it is a huge relief that the quarantines, which were perceived as an exceptional situation, are over for the time being and it is allowed to sing together again, says Kathrin Schlemmer.

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