The Battle of the Stars of Reality: The average Rouven Dietrich knows how his stars stand – the people

2001 Malkiel Rouven Dietrich began his first astrological practice in Berlin. He also appeared on TV for the first time in the Hamburg 1 studio.

2002 Dietrich appeared on local television several times.

2005 for the first time, he aired daily on the TV travel channel Sonnenklar and began broadcasting Astro-TV. He transferred his practice to Baden-Baden.

2006 he also advised SAT-1 and KabelEins.

2007 The 39-year-old returned to Astro-TV and reopened his practice in Berlin. Her regulars are said to be actors, singers and politicians. RTL, VOX and ARD have appeared many times since.

2014 he has so far completed his television career and closed his internship in Berlin. His advice was then only available to regular customers. He studied again and continued his studies while training. Dietrich then opened another internship in Baden-Baden, where he still works today.

He’s pretty active on Instagram and YouTube. You can also order consultations and training through its website.

2022 he devotes himself to television again and takes part in a trash TV show for the first time: he wants to win a € 50,000 cash prize and a reality star of the year title at the reality star battle.

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