“The climate is like beer, too warm is ugly”

“Climate is like beer, too warm is terrible.” Climate change is no longer just a topic for Friday Future Kids. He also came to Tegernsee. And today the citizens stood up.

Mayor Robert Kühn with his poster: “Climate is like beer, warm is shit.”

For our climate Tegernsee. Today at 1 p.m a train of about 60 people started moving. They all moved together from high school via Rosenstrasse to Kurgarten Tegernsee.

They all wanted to make a mark and say, “It can’t go on like this.” High school students were few among the demonstrators. Instead, one or another tourist joined the crowd.

– Grandfather, who is the snowman?

The many signs and posters that afternoon spoke for themselves. Robert Kühn, the mayor of Wiessee, used the saying: “The climate is like beer, too warm is ugly.” Other cardboard signs read: “We care about the future” or “Grandpa, who is Santa Claus?”

The topics of the speeches at the Kurgarten Tegernsee were very local. Laura Mandl, who was responsible for organizing today’s demonstration, spoke about the sealing of areas and the fact that only luxury apartments are being built on the island of Tegernsee. Also among the speakers were Laura Killer from Fridays For Future (FFF) in Miesbach and many others.

Unlike at the beginning of the FFF movement, when young people were often derided as radical thugs, now German conservation organizations and established parties support the call for a climate strike. Tegernsee is: conservation community Tegernseer Tal, GRÜNE and SPD Tegernseer Tal, ÖDP, adfc, LBV, BUND nature conservation organization, mountain and mountain skin protection association.

Here are some highlights from today’s demo:

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