The hero of Würzburg was awarded the XY prize

Three everyday heroes were awarded the XY prize in Berlin on Thursday evening. The award was presented to them by Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD). Aktenzeichen XY … unsolved Moderator, Rudi Cernemarried in the evening.

When in 2021 in June, a young Somali man stabbed people indiscriminately on a shopping street in Würzburg, killing three showed the prize winner Chia Rabiei Courage. Kitchen helper Rabie managed to stop the crime with his brave intervention and thus prevent further victims.

Passers-by managed to catch the knife

A Kurdish asylum seeker confronted a killer – with nothing but a backpack. “Like a torero, Chia dances around the 24-year-old attacker with a rucksack against his chest,” described his intervention in the eulogy. He eventually received support from passers-by. Several men pushed the pole back with poles and chairs. Eventually, police officers appeared and arrested the criminal.

Award winner Tom Weis from Rüdesheim was about to smoke a cigarette last December when he noticed shouting and fighting in the car. He spontaneously rushed to help the two women in the car and saw that the man was stabbing the driver. Eventually, Weis was able to pull the assailant out of the vehicle and disarm him. The victim, the knife’s ex-wife, barely survived.

Award winner Sarah Jacobi from Stuttgart had a strange experience on her way to the mall: a man was walking down the sidewalk with a little girl (8) who was carrying her backpack and crying. Jacobi asked himself: are they really father and daughter? She kept close to the man’s heels until he let go of the girl and walked towards the witness. He stammered that he was from the health department. Jacobi didn’t believe a word and spoke to the girl: “You know that man, do you want to go with him?” The child shook his head. The criminal escaped – in vain. The court sent him to a psychiatric hospital.

How Karl Lauterbach made a brief war

XY prize in 2002 delivered Edward Zimmerman, the long-time moderator of the search program Aktenzeichen XY …unsolved, now run by Rudi Cerne, and the responsible ZDF editorial team. Each award is worth 10,000 euros.

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