The mustard is running out – Koch explains how Christmas dinner is still a success

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Germany may soon run out of mustard. TV chef Alex Wahi knows how to make Christmas dinner a success. He knows the alternatives.

Hamm – in the beginning Corona-pandemics we stood with wide eyes discount stores and supermarkets Republic and stared at the empty shelves. Toilet paper, pasta, flour – everything is sold out. People were hoarding things. The situation calmed down quite quickly. But with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and a nasty war of aggression in “Europe’s granary,” the shelves were once again empty. Suddenly there was a shortage of oil and similar products in many places. Now another one of the supermarket shelves may disappear indefinitely: there is a threat of a shortage of mustard. Just before Christmas of all days is a culinary highlight for many culinary lovers.

Mustard is on the decline in Germany as producers complain of delivery problems

The fact that the shelves of mustard in supermarkets may soon be empty is also related to the war in Ukraine. It caused, and continues to cause, an increase in food prices on the world market. In the report submitted by food newspaper many manufacturers are said to be struggling with delivery issues. In many cases they already feared for their existence, as explained by “Mostly larger producers secured the desired raw material with long-term contracts. Smaller companies sometimes get nothing,” the report said.

Mustard is a popular all-purpose remedy that can be found in almost every German household. It makes delicious salad dressings, adds a finishing touch to dressing, and mustard is also a popular ingredient in hearty dishes like kale. Then there are the classics: bratwurst or bockwurst with mustard. Without it, you will quickly manage in the kitchen. But there are good alternatives. Alex Wahi, TV Chef from Ham (NRW), know which ones.

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Mustard is popular and used as an emulsifier in the kitchen

The popularity of mustard is determined not only by its spicy taste and mild spiciness. Because mustard has another special property: it acts as an emulsifier and ensures that two immiscible liquids, such as oil and water, can be mixed into a finely divided mixture. “That’s why mustard is important for dressings, sauces, marinades and crusts. Mustard is a connection in the kitchen,” says Chef Wahi in an interview with He also knows, “There are alternatives. But the problem is that a lot of people have gotten used to mustard and have been using it in certain dishes for decades.” So he does it a little differently.

TV chef Alex Wahi knows good alternatives to mustard. © dpa/wahi/montage: Hoffmann

“In my restaurant, I have the advantage that we cook fresh and change the menu quite often. If something is not available, we will do something else,” says Wahi. He says mustard is also a good substitute A TV chef who can be seen regularly on Sat.1 Breakfast TV amongst others. His tip: “Wasabi or horseradish are good choices, both have a pretty similar flavor. You can also use a little honey as an emulsifier. Wahi seems to see the inevitable mustard shortage as an opportunity to break down the structures stuck in the kitchen.

The inevitable lack of mustard is not a reason to despair

“We the people,” says the Hammer chef, “should just say goodbye to the idea that we can have everything at any time of the year.” to have food”.

Mustard is a key ingredient in many recipes, like sugar or flour. But, Wahi says, the question everyone should ask themselves — especially right before the feudal Christmas festivities — is, “Do I really have to cook this recipe like this?” There are so many other great things – I love being inspired by local markets, they have good seasonal produce.

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