The result of the big survey – how family-friendly is the region?

Potsdam. How safe are Brandenburg’s bike paths, how good are the schools and daycare centers, are there enough pediatricians, and where else can families live affordably? This is what MAZ wanted to know from Brandenburg families. 9,500 people participated in the “Family Compass” survey participated

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Now the results. They show how comfortable the people of Brandenburg feel in their region, how long it takes to get to school, what specialists are lacking in the region and how parents value day care facilities. But how family-friendly is Brandenburg? Participating families think: pretty average. Overall, Brandenburg received a school rating of 2.93.

Family Compass: Brandenburg lacks kindergartens

In general, the people of Brandenburg are satisfied with daycare centers and schools, but there is still work to be done. 99 percent of those surveyed believe that their city or municipality could invest even more in this area.

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Most parents in Brandenburg have found the daycare center they want just around the corner, the food in the daycare center is mostly healthy, and the children are optimally looked after. 71 percent of those surveyed believe that their day care center is well or very well organized, and 73 percent emphasize the special commitment of their educators.

Peace, joy and pancakes? Not if you look at the general conditions of daycare centers. Parents complain about the availability of places in the kindergarten, the number of employees and working hours. is the subject of controversy parental contributions: 59 percent of those polled think this is too much.

“Family Compass”

Family compass is Brandenburg’s largest statewide survey of child- and family-friendliness. It is a joint project of Märkische Allgemeine, Lausitzer Rundschau and Märkische Oderzeitung.

Researchwhich was carried out in cooperation with the agency “The Value Makers” and with the support of the Dresden Evangelische Hochschule, provides information on which communities in Brandenburg are suitable for families with children.

to participaten all Brandenburgers aged 18 and over could do so. 9,500 people voted from 155 locations. Only those places where at least 30 people voted were included in the final evaluation. Evaluations are based on the school’s grade scale from 5 (very poor) to 1 (very good).

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: 68 percent of children enjoy going to school. Most children have not experienced bullying or violence, classes are rarely cancelled, and parents generally feel well informed. Classrooms are often too full for that, schools lack quality food and digital equipment. 47 percent of parents surveyed are not satisfied with the offers of virtual lessons, which have played a big role, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Family Compass: Living in Brandenburg is too expensive for many

In Brandenburg – especially in the suburban belt of Berlin – living space is scarce. This is also shown by the results of the survey. 78 percent of those surveyed rate the supply of apartments poorly. The situation is similar when it comes to housing costs – 63 percent say they are not satisfied. Brandenburgers, having found a place to stay, feel very comfortable there. 81 percent have friendly neighbors and 84 percent like their living environment. Internet also seems to be working in many places in Brandenburg.

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As beautiful as Brandenburg is, many parents don’t think their children will stay near them after school. Every second Brandenburger sees no future prospects for their children in the region and fears that they will leave later.

Family Compass: Not enough specialists in Brandenburg

Work, leisure activities and local transport are what Brandenburgers are most satisfied with. The situation is very different when it comes to medical care in the country. Seven out of ten respondents believe that there are not enough medical specialists in the region. Parents say that there is a particular shortage of dermatologists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, psychotherapists, and orthopedists.

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There appears to be a particular need for youth psychiatric services. 78 percent of the parents surveyed believe that it is difficult to find support in this area. The same applies to midwives: 64 percent of those surveyed rate the midwifery offer…

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