The Royal Family Banned Duchess Meghan’s Therapy! “You knew how bad it was”

However, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan could not expect help from the palace – on the contrary: “I wanted help, but I wasn’t allowed. How would that look to the establishment?” according to 41 The Duke of Sussex is finally making serious allegations against his family about his relationship with Meghan:

You knew how bad it was. They thought, “Why can’t she handle it herself?” Everyone else has dealt with it. Why isn’t she? But this was something else entirely. And even if mom said “okay, it was exactly the same.” Should she really swallow it like the rest of the family, or is it time to stop? But no one told the media: ‘enough’,

says the 38-year-old and continues: “My dad said, ‘You can’t take the media for what it is.’ And I: “I see it differently.” I have 30 years of experience behind the scenes and I know how this system works Constant discussions about other family members (…) Foul play Some things are deliberately spread. If the communications team wants to get rid of a negative story about you, they will offer a negative story about another king in return. This is how different communication teams work against each other. (…) You can always say “I didn’t know anything about it”. Such nonsense, do you think I tolerate something like that?’ No, but the question is, did you do anything to prevent it? And the answer is no. When William and I saw what was happening on my dad’s team, we made a promise to each other that we would never let anything like that happen.

Obvious revelations that should probably cast a whole new light on the British royals…

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Used sources: Netflix-Doku Harry and Meghan

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