The shortage of doctors is getting worse – how can it be prevented

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72-year-old on duty in Frankfurter Berg: family doctor Ingo Gabriel with team Britta Ragge (from left) and Silvia Friedrich. © Rainer Rueffer

The distribution of doctors in Frankfurt is becoming more and more uneven. And the situation may worsen in the coming years.

Frankfurt – Ingo Gabriel’s patients now often ask: “How long are you going to do this?” The Frankfurter Berg internist and family doctor will be 73 years old next week. “I will for a few more years,” he replies. He still enjoys his work and his body and mind are still fit.

Another reason to continue is the question: What will happen to his patients when he stops? The 8,000 inhabitants of Frankfurter Berg would then only be Mrs. Dr. Anja-Susanne Eivazi-Veith. He fears that Frankfurt Hill could develop like Berkersheim. There has been no GP for many years.

Lack of doctors in Frankfurt: every third family doctor is over 60 years old

Medical care in eastern Frankfurt is insecure in many parts of the city. According to the Hessen Association of State Health Insurance Physicians (KV), there should be no more than about 1,700 residents per physician. Eckenheim has four general practitioners looking after a population of 14,151, Bonamese has two general practitioners with a population of 6,393, and Preungesheim has seven general practitioners and 15,745 residents. This situation may worsen in the coming years.

Many doctors will retire in the next few years. To Frankfurt every third general practitioner is over 60 years old. And whether the new doctors will settle in Frankfurter Berg, Berkersheim or Bonames, or in the more affluent parts of the city, is doubtful. In addition, Ingo Gabriel is still working more than 40 hours a week if we count further training.

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On the other hand, the next generation is more concerned about the compatibility of work and family. Peter Tinnemann, head of Frankfurt’s health department, spoke about the “feminization of medicine” at local advisory board 10 (Berkersheim, Bonames, Eckenheim, Frankfurter Berg, Preungesheim) on Tuesday evening, with women making up 80-90 percent of the students. . As most children are still looked after by women, the new generation values ​​family time more. And missing in practices.

There are fewer and fewer doctors in Frankfurt – there is no room for new practices

Advertising alone does not help districts. The number of general practitioners is limited by the KV. You can settle only as much as you need to provide for the population. And Frankfurt, which acts as a supply area, already has a surplus of 494 general practitioners. Only doctor’s places are unevenly distributed. According to KV, the supply in the city center exceeds 250 percent. station district more than 350 percent KV cannot reduce supply areas, the representative explains. Their sizes are determined according to national demand planning guidelines.

“The dilemma can only be solved if doctors are given the opportunity to work in a municipal health facility without any entrepreneurial risk,” said Tinnemann, head of the health department. This could make the districts more attractive to GPs. Only: There was no room for it, said Julian Langner (FDP). In Berkersheim, for example, there is no place even for group practice.

Langner cited a request by the local advisory board to include the medical center in the development plan for the area north of Weinstraße. The magistrate refused. Doctors could open their offices in apartments. However, it is difficult to find doctors who want to practice alone. Langner asked Tinnemann that the health department should put pressure on the magistrate so that, for example, the premises of the medical center could be built in Hilgenfeld. Ingo Gabriel has not yet started looking for a successor to his practice. But he can envision it being merged into a medical center in the Hilgenfeld development area. The most important thing is that his patients are well cared for. Most importantly, “so that it is not like Berkersheim at Frankfurter Berg”. (Friedrich Reinhardt)

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Just recently had Doctors in Hesse protested against price increases and energy costs. Practices remained closed in many places.

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