The war in Ukraine: as speculated by Russia: the protocol of disaster

The attack by the Russian army was planned amateurishly. This is evidenced by the defeats against Kiev and now Kharkov. Peace talks are still unseen.

Russia reminiscent of a bird of prey trying to break a crab for the first time. So far, the tank is sticking. What’s more, the crab hits back, using powerful nails against the attacker. Unfortunately, what is Ukraine plays not an animal fairy tale, but a criminal and utterly meaningless war of Russian aggression that has already taken away thousands of soldiers and civilians. cost life.

Research of a Russian research portal Vaschnye History (“Important Stories”) shows how naively the Kremlin was planning an invasion of Ukraine. The goal was to occupy Kiev in five days and Mariupol in three, like them JIS DARO quote from its available analysis. Roman Anin, a journalist and employee of the Latvian-based platform after the state repression, briefly summarizes: Vladimir Putinwho ordered on February 24th. attack was “the least informed person able to make such a decision”. It is known that the head of the Kremlin – especially since the coronavirus pandemic – was in self-contained, widespread isolation, only consulting with a few trustees and being consulted by the secret services, which apparently completely collapsed. There is no other way to explain the disaster through an advance in the capital.

The columns moved towards Kiev almost unprotected

Many young soldiers are said to have been notified of the maneuver before the attack. In fact, kilometers of military vehicles pulled towards the Ukrainian capital without any worries – they were almost unprotected in the main traffic arteries. Tanks and rocket launchers were easy prey for savvy and highly motivated Ukrainian soldiers who crushed their targets with simple weapons on their shoulders. If the tank hit, the crowd panicked. Vehicles stuck during turning maneuvers were now more dependent on Ukrainian mobile units. The disaster ended in the fact that at first there was almost no coordination between the Russian units invading different sides. The communication that started later was usually unencrypted by a mobile phone, so the enemy could easily listen in. Weapon deliveries and probably detailed intelligence from the West have become increasingly important to the military effectiveness of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s military.

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For almost three months now, Volodymyr Zelensky has been organizing resistance against the Ukrainian invaders – militarily, politically and, ultimately, in the media.

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Russia’s shameful withdrawal not only cost many high-ranking military and secret service officials a career, but Putin even had to arrest some of them. The world community was shocked to see that Russian soldiers had been killed and raped before leaving. And systematically, like the first independent research has shown.

“They failed to occupy Kiev. They are leaving the Kharkiv region. Your main offensive in Donbass has stopped, “NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg briefly summed up the current military situation. The situation in Russia from the point of view of Russia is characterized by the fact that the now full occupation of Mariupol – not three days later, but almost three months later – has been a great success in Moscow. It may be difficult for Ukraine to raise the profile of the 1,000 most wounded fighters leaving the catacombs of the Azov steel plant and surrendering to the attackers. From a military point of view, a lot does not change.

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Because in recent days, Moscow has had serious setbacks again. First, the task of conquering the second largest city in Ukraine, Kharkov, then an impressive setback that does not remain hidden in the media world. Such as a double attempt to cross the Severskyi Donets River in Donbass, which ended in complete chaos in order to be able to surround the defenders. The first transfer maneuver was hampered by Ukrainian fighter jets, the second attempt ended …

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