“The World Cup without Italy is like Rome without the Coliseum”

It happens on screen Germany’s national team match against Spain, the shop is full, Birra Messina and Grappa are ordered at the bar. What else is there to do on a rainy Sunday evening in a small Sicilian mountain village? The particular passion for what’s going on in Qatar is hard to come by, and the 800 inhabitants are no different from the nearly 60 million Italians in the rest of the country.

The games are followed quite dutifully – after all, it is the World Cup, and Italy is a football-loving country. In fact. Because World Cup without Italy is like Rome without the Colosseum”, says in 2006. world champion Francesco Totti the best football player of the eternal city.

Despite this, the state broadcaster, which has more than 100 employees, made a big showing of the tournament after the World Cup in Russia was still broadcast by Berlusconi’s private broadcaster Mediaset. Rai didn’t have much of a choice either, as she reportedly paid around Rs 160 crore. euros for the broadcasting rights – firmly believing that Italy, as European champions, will participate together. A year ago, 20.6 million people watched the exciting EC triumph final.


millions People watched the match between Germany and Spain.

But even compared to the World Cup four years ago, when Italy also failed to qualify, ratings for the qualifiers have so far dropped by 20 percent. At least 7.6 million watched Germany’s match against Spain. The DFB team is not particularly popular among the Tifosi.

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In a Gazzetta dello Sport poll, 35 percent of participants wanted Argentina and superstar Lionel Messi to win the title, followed by record world champions Brazil at 6 percent. It also has to do with the fact that many players from Serie A are playing for the South American champions.

If you can’t cheer for the Squadra Azzurra, you can at least cheer for your favorite players

It’s a strategy used by the Italians to somehow still find an emotional connection to this controversial tournament. If you can’t support the Squadra Azzurra, you can at least cheer for your favorite players. Eleven World Cup participants have signed contracts with record champions Juventus, with a total of 65 Serie A professionals competing in Qatar.

But all these numbers do not adequately reflect the strange mood in the country. A World Cup without Italy is something no one wants to get used to, despite a second qualifying crash in a row. “At the World Cup, the world really wants to find a common language, and sometimes it works. Not being there is a bit of a pain,” Beppe Severgnini, one of the country’s best-known journalists, described the Italian dilemma. Corriere della Sera.

The fact that the event takes place in autumn contributes to this. In summer, life in Italy takes place almost entirely outside, bars and restaurants install TVs, people discuss, have fun and talk. This connecting element is now sorely lacking, after all, November and December are not exactly the most pleasant months even in southern Europe.

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And the World Championship in Qatar was not complete without Italians: Mario Ferri, also called “the falcon”, comes from Pescara on the Adriatic Sea. He has caught the eye on several occasions in the past with his speedy moves, and he was impressive during Monday night’s Portugal-Uruguay match when he ran across the pitch wearing a Superman shirt with messages and a rainbow flag (see page 34).

It was probably first known in 2009. During an international match between Italy and the Netherlands, he campaigned for the inclusion of the then Italian striker Antonio Cassano in the 2010 World Cup. the world championship team – unsuccessfully. Cassano himself escorted the “hawk” off the field and told the officer: “He is…

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