Toxic Employees: How to Identify and Deal with Them

Don’t let toxic employees get you down.
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Psychologist Tessa West has divided toxic employees into four categories and shows how to deal with them.

The so-called “bulldozers” give free rein to their aggressiveness in the workplace. You should choose your confrontation with them strategically.

People who gaslight you at work should recognize the warning signs early and seek help from other workers.

Toxic relationships do not only exist in love life. You can also deal with toxic employees in the workplace. Psychologist Tessa West has toxic Worker divided into four categories, such as the specialist portal “Entrepreneur” reported Most importantly: you are not helplessly affected by them. West also provides strategies for dealing with them.

1. “The Rise and Fall”

Chances are you’ve dealt with this type of toxic employee before. They are extremely strategic, rude to you and polite to your manager. This behavior is not a problem for the toxic person, it is for you.

So find other employees who are also being bullied and help each other out. According to West, the more the merrier. Collect incidents and evidence of bad behavior and take them to your boss, she advises. Convince managers that this is a big problem and that they need to take action.

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2. Bulldozer

According to West, “bulldozers” in the workplace can be identified by two types of behavior. In meetings, they take over the conversation and do not allow any questions. To make others feel bad, they always look for the weakest link. They do not even hide their aggressiveness and live it openly.

The West advises: choose your confrontations carefully. Be prepared for possible bulldozing statements and counterarguments, and then beat them at your own game.

3. “Micromanagers”

According to the psychologist, almost 80 percent of all employees already have them micromanaging experienced at work. They are control freaks who double and triple control everything and everyone.

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“They’re very bad at deciding who needs a little extra attention and who can handle themselves,” West said. So her advice is: try to keep your microcontroller up to date, no matter how annoying it is.

4. Gaslighter

They create an alternate reality and isolate you from other employees. Gaslighters make you feel important. But in the end, it’s all about their own power, not your well-being. The key word is: manipulation. At worst, they make you feel insecure and destroy your self-esteem.

To deal well with them, you need to recognize the signs early. For example, they want to discourage you from contacting other employees and spreading rumors about other leaders. Remember these situations, write them down and see how absurd they are. According to West, the biggest fear of “gassers” is when you seek help from other people.

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