Training for Stuttgart: Freiburg knows how to fight usury – Stuttgart

Freiburg is looking for apartments on online portals and has already sent 75 reminders to owners since the beginning of the year.

Author Joergas Nauke

2022 May 24 – 18:00

OB Frank Nopper (CDU) at the ordinary general meeting of the tenants’ association Stuttgart promised to “check” whether one as is Freiburg should send “blue letters” to landlords who offer apartments at inflated prices on online portals. The SPD faction in the municipal council wants the city to prevent excessive rent increases (up to ten percent above the local benchmark rent, which currently stands at € 10.34), and Extortion of rental property (more than 50%) who has so far been less motivated to take up business, to lend a helping hand. She therefore invites Sabine Recker, head of 2019. In Freiburg, where there is also a shortage of housing, a lecture has been set up for the Affordable Housing Unit.

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