Twitter: How Jeff Bezos Now Tries to Mimic Elon Musk – and Fails

Troll attempts failed
How Jeff Bezos is now trying to emulate Elon Musk – and he’s relentless

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk avoid income tax?

Twitter King Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have alternately become the richest man in the world


While waiting for the acquisition of Twitter, Elonas Muskas seeks his masterpiece as the network’s chief troll. Like nowhere else, the world’s second richest man is now trying to introduce himself there consciously casually. And because of that, it just seems even more unclear.

It’s like watching a talented conductor in a concert. In Twitter, he’s a little annoying here, tickling the diaphragm of his followers there and suddenly hitting the drums when he has to insult an alleged opponent. Always remember the maximum impact of text messages. How skillfully Musk This is how he does it, especially noticeable compared to less talented tweeters. Just like his rival Jeff Bezos.

Since Musk announced almost nowhere to buy the short message service, his predecessor, the richest man in the world, has suddenly become much more active there. Apparently, he also wants to grab attention to his self-portrayal. But with each of his tweets, Bezos proves first and foremost that the easy balance between genius and insanity that makes Musk so appealing to his fans is simply not in it.

Hard PR instead of loose rubbing

Although Musk often overdoes it, he goes Bezosas to the next extreme. Even when he’s obviously passionate about things, he manages to make them feel like they’re on hold. Would you like an example? “Slide shows in presentations can hide flat thinking. Narrative structure notes are harder to write because you need to think better. But it’s worth it,” he said of PowerPoint and Co. four days ago. And probably put a large portion of its readers to sleep. They then missed an attempt to provide Twitter. “How to edit Twitter, and so on,” Bezos tried to annoy an error on PowerPoint’s Twitter due to a missing editing feature. And it just looked cooler.

Two days later, Musk showed off the attention-grabbing game on Twitter. After Musk announced that he would use his team to figure out the true number of robots on the platform, Parag Agrawal, who was still in charge, explained in the topic why this could hardly be done without inside information. Musk reduced it: instead of a serious copy, the best troll and the prospective owner responded only with stools. With twenty times more clicks than the original Twitter.

What drives Bezos?

It is not known why Bezos suddenly rediscovered Twitter in early April after months of sporadic tweets. Undoubtedly, since it became known about Musko’s efforts to buy, he had suddenly re-engaged in it. However, unlike the often stupid Musk, Bezos strives to make a noticeable effort to take it seriously. Topics range from good governance to the current financial policies of the Biden administration – which is a thorn for Bezos. If you want it to be especially relaxed, you can get a book recommendation or a (old) music quote.

It should be no coincidence that Bezos is so different from Musko. In his tweet, he clearly distanced himself from Musko’s habit of attacking opponents with heavy drums. Responding to the tweet of blogger Tim Urbano, in which he pointed out that in political discourse it is difficult to respect truth, humility, and his own thoughts, Bezos replied, “I would add courtesy. It is easy to offend and attack people. But it does. harder to work together ”. Answers: Lots of jokes at the expense of Bezos.

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