Uniform energy tariff for pensioners: how to get a lump sum?

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  • German pension insurance warns rent payer from fraud
  • Criminals with nasty fraudaccount details from pensioners in sight
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Received December 2022 about 20 million pensioners One in Germany One-time payment of 300 euros. The reason for this is the recent sharp increase in energy and living costs. That’s what it’s called Energy fixed tariff – or short energy at the same rate – is part of the third relief package launched by the traffic light government. The federal government’s resolution also clearly provides for financial relief for pensioners. to German pension insurance warns in this case from fraud.

Pensioners automatically receive the same energy rate: pension insurance warns of fraudsters

“They are retired and waiting for yours Energy fixed tariff The sum of 300 euros?”, asks the German Pension Insurance in an article published on November 16 on your website. “Then you have do nothing morerather than waiting for a separate lump sum which is not transferred with the current pension’.

The nationwide statutory pension insurance institution in the Federal Republic states that automatically transfer good luck Rentenanstalt uses the current account information for this purpose. For this reason, be no re-entering account details necessary. According to the authorities, he tried deceiver currently with this one grid access pensioner account details.

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The criminals, using fake identities, said they needed the data to transfer. “The victims should No enter Hang up instead,” advises the German Pension Insurance Authority. For information by phone, you can contact the citizens’ hotline of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs from Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. by phone 030 221 911 001.

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There is more information about energy benefits for pensioners in the corresponding article of the manual.

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Meanwhile, the pension tax is intended to be significantly reduced in order to make the pension system fairer. Double taxation should be abolished in the future.

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