Unused rotor blades: how wind turbine scrap is re-emerging in new buildings

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The use of wind turbines will increase significantly in the coming years.

EFAHRER.comThe use of wind turbines will increase significantly in the coming years.

They’re still doing their job, but soon thousands of rotor blades will have to be dismantled every year. However, recycling large components is expensive. Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is currently investigating alternative areas of application in buildings.

Wind turbine rotor blades are usually made of fiber composite plastics. It makes recycling difficult because it consists of an almost indistinguishable plastic (resin) bonded with carbon or fiberglass. In addition, the size of the rotor blade creates difficulties in end-of-life recycling.

rotor blades off Plastic with fiberglass whereas at present the armature can be used relatively well. They are crushed and processed into KRB for the cement industry. The advantage of this type of recycling is that the old rotor blades can be used as an energy source, but also as a substitute for sand and chalk. However, it must also increase in the future The rotor blades are reinforced with carbon fiber be recycled. They are not suitable for firing in the cement industry. In our article on this topic, you can see that scientific research is currently looking for solutions to the problem Processing of rotor blades to read

In an interdisciplinary study project at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, professors and students are now investigating in which areas obsolete rotor blades can be used in building construction, e.g. do online reported

Various concepts have been developed

An interdisciplinary student-assisted research group from the Departments of Architecture, Mechanical and Plastic Engineering, and Civil and Environmental Engineering creates opportunities Reuse of rotor blades in the construction sector Exists. In the study project, students should develop their ideas under the guidance of architecture professor Marcin Orawiec. created during the process different concepts of consumption: As a tower, bridge, roof element, also as an information pavilion.

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We will show you what can happen if a wind turbine is struck by lightning here.

Soon reality?

Of particular interest: according to FAZ, the university is in contact with the operators of the Worms stadium. The roof of the stadium will soon have to be renovated, so there is an opportunity to use discarded wind turbine rotor blades as roof elements. There is interest, but whether it is sufficient for implementation remains to be seen.

Currently, an idea is being considered to build an information pavilion from the rotor blades, which would provide information about the recycling of wind turbines.

Undoubtedly, the reuse of rotor blades ecologically very smart. However, the largest part of a wind turbine is made up of concrete and steel. These materials are built into the base and stem and (thankfully) are easier to recycle.

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