Victoria wins 3: 2: Schnüdel “how often this season”

Last day of the Regionalliga Bayern – Tuesday evening: Viktoria Aschaffenburg before 1. FC Schweinfurt 3: 2

Just twelve months ago 1. FC Schweinfurt was the measure of all things in the Bavarian Regional League. At the time, Schnüdel won the playoffs, including Viktoria Aschaffenburg, and failed only due to Havelse’s relegation to the 3rd league. A year later, Böhnlein & Co. can return to a season that was unsatisfactory after losing 3: 2 in the same city of Aschaffenburg. Lower Franconia has scored just one point in the last five games. There are better feelings to go on summer vacation with …



The last match of the week in the current regional league season on Tuesday night is not boring as, among other things, five goals were scored. But the game wasn’t lightning fast either. It was already clear that no one was threatened by any of the teams. However, with Benedict Laverty, one player on the Victorian side was particularly motivated. The 25-year-old guy formed a splint against his former colleagues.

Schweinfurt will be ranked fifth in the tournament table, far less than expected. If everything goes according to plan, the hosts will take a one-digit place in the table.



Benni Hotz (Viktoria Aschaffenburg): “In summary, we deserved a victory. We had more clear chances in the first half. That’s what we really need to do. Schweinfurt finds himself in front of the goal and knocks it out right away, and then fines. But we did well again.” We have reached the goal – to occupy a one-digit number in the table. Now we’re glad we can take a break.

Robert Hettich (1st FC Schweinfurt): “And we haven’t been able to break out ahead of the guests. How often this season. It says it all about today’s game.”

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