Waiblingen Youth Culture Week: Overcoming the Ditches – Rems-Murr-Kreis

The Warrior tells the story of a “skin girl” and can be viewed as part of Waiblingen Youth Culture Week. Photo: WLB Esslingen

Conspiracy myths, cyberbullying, radicalization: Buntstatt Braun Youth Culture Week in Waiblingen offers seminars, performances and lectures to show what young people can do to combat this.

online insultsconspiracy myths, racism and increasing radicalization: the corona pandemic has exacerbated many social problems and deepened disagreements. Depressing evolution of that Organizer of the Youth Culture Week “Colored Instead of Brown” want to repel something positive. And this is the motto of the cycle of events for the 17th time this year “What connects us”. Unlike last year, the events can once again take place with visitors – from lectures and student seminars at the Waiblinger Kulturhaus Schwanen to an open-air group festival in Schwaneninsel as a crowning glory. It is already possible to register for the student workshop.

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The team of the event invited interesting guests. This includes, for example, the neo-Nazi fallen and cultural scientist Christian Weißgerber. July 6 he reports in two workshops on how he has become part of the right-wing scene, and in the practical part he provides advice on how to recognize and react to right-wing slogans. The seminar is intended for young people in grades 10-12.

From the life of a “skin girl”

The play “Kriegerin”, based on a film of the same name by David Wnendt, revolves around a young woman from the right stage, “skin girl” Maris. July 6 The Württembergische Landesbühne Esslingen will perform twice for young people from the 8th grade. For classes attending one of the performances, the staff offers a pre-arranged seminar with the theater teacher of the school in question.

BriMel on the road: I see the way you don’t see - Day of the Visually Impaired

Why are the police always checking on me? Do I always have to carry an identity document with me? These and other questions about the police, respect and reception will be answered by Chief Inspector of Police Jürgen Oesterle on 5 July. also in the context of increasing violence against police officers. Date is valid from 10th grade.

The filmmaker announces from the rapper scene

July 6 The Deutschrap-Hype workshop is aimed at eighth-graders and older young people, where young filmmaker Luke Amores talks about what’s going on behind the scenes and how the stars present themselves. Zabout conspiracy theories Youth Culture Week offers many courses. An interactive workshop for seventh-graders and older youth on July 4 and 8, where Julia Heim and Julia Marx will show you which paths lead to a world of conspiracy myths and how to find a way out again. Two more workshops on conspiracy theories with Sarah Pohl on July 7th. for students from 8th grade. She runs the Central World Image Counseling Center in Baden-Württemberg and, titled “Build Bridges, Not Digging Ditches,” reveals strategies for when your brother or best friend will believe in conspiracy theories.

What to do about conspiracy theories?

Pohl takes up the topic again in the lecture “Everything is strange or what?”, Which is given on the evening of July 6 and is open to anyone. On the other hand, July 6th. the online training course with Julia Heim and Julia Marx is specifically designed for teachers. Both experts reveal how teachers can proactively counteract conspiracy myths.

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A lecture and seminar “Germans have wooden faces!” With the German-Egyptian team Katrin Gratz and Naser El Bardanohi is expected on July 7 from 6.30 pm. The intercultural trainer and author examine facial expressions and body language and how they differ depending on the culture.

Colored instead of brown begins in 2022. July 4, 7 pm, lecture by a journalist Alexander Roth and vernissage with the posters of the creative competition “Corona”. The full program of Youth Culture Week can be found here here

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