What are the consumer benefits of oil and pellet heating systems

The federal and state governments set aside a hardship fund from which consumers with oil and pellet heating systems must also be exempt, but only under very specific conditions.

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Consumers heating with oil, pellets or liquefied gas can also be exempted from energy costs. For this purpose, the federal government allocates 1.8 billion. euros for the “alternative, non-connected fuel distress fund”.

The affected period is from January 1 to December 1, 2022. A maximum of 2,000 euros is allocated per household, with a lower limit of 100 euros. It is a necessary condition that household heating costs are at least twice as high as last year – in absolute terms they must increase by 100 euros or more. Acknowledgment and fuel bill must be submitted with the application. In the case of multi-party buildings, the landlord should declare that he has let out tenant passes The details must be regulated in the federal land agreement. The federal lands receive the money from the federal government and arrange the payment.

craft urges the country to develop quickly

However, the Baden-Württemberg Crafts Association criticizes the fact that crafts are not included in this program. Oil is the only viable energy standard for many businesses, especially in rural areas, due to the lack of sufficient gas lines. Sometimes even switched to pellets. “These companies must not be penalized now,” says the association’s spokeswoman, and demands, “The state government must step in now.” Because they themselves say: where federal aid is not enough, state aid should be a supplement. “You have to implement it now and quickly.”

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