What is penumbra? Meaning and how to recognize it

What penumbra is is often not entirely clear from terminology. In fact, there is no single definition. However, there are criteria by which you can determine penumbra.

What is penumbra? A place between bright sun and dark shade

A shadow is not the same as a shadow. In addition to full shade, there is also penumbra. This is especially important for gardeners, depending on whether the plant needs more or less direct sunlight. There are a variety of herbs, plants and Perennials for penumbra.

  • Penumbra is a shadow, that is, an unlit area that has only existed for some time. The rest of the time that place is in the sun. Example: The back corner of the garden is in the sun from morning to noon and in the shade from the afternoon.
  • Penumbra also refers to a place that is scattered by light throughout the day, meaning it is not exposed to direct sunlight and is not completely surrounded by darkness. Penumbra usually occurs when sunlight passes through the tops of trees.
  • You can tell Penumbra by the fact that the sunlight is softened. Partial shade often occurs under dense tree tops or in places where light and shade alternate through objects such as walls or house walls.
  • By the way: Partially shady place may change depending on the season. If the dense top of the tree provides partial shade in summer, the same place may be full of sun after the leaves have fallen.

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