What is the actual probability of a power outage?

  • disagreement to Federal Civil Protection Service and disaster relief
  • Crisis experts on large-scale probability Eclipses
  • What is actually a Eclipse and who a Brownout?
  • Three species outside power outages

“You have to think it will be in the winter Eclipses will give.” This was said by Ralph Tiesler, president of the Federal Bureau of Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (BBK), in an interview world on sunday from 2022 November 19 One day later, BBK appeared on the website Press release titled “BBK Explanation”.

Concerns about electricity supply in Germany after interview with BBK president

A large-scale power outage, ie blackout, is ‘highly unlikely’ in Germany, it says. The power supply system has “many protection mechanisms that stabilize the power grid in the event of disturbances.” Tiesler spoke in an interview regional and limited shutdowns related to continue to ensure overall supply. He wanted to emphasize the “fundamental importance of precautions.” However, the chance of a limited forced shutdown is low, so we regret it misleading wording.

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