What is the property tax per 100 square meters of living space?

The amount of the annual real estate tax depends, among other things, on the size of the apartment. But that’s not all. What applies to apartment buildings.

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At the beginning of each year, your city or municipality determines property fee to all owners. It is then usually collected quarterly. The amount depends on various factors. This is especially important residencebut also land area is important.

Because it depends on how high the so-called estimated values fails. It refers to the value of the property and is still determined by uniform federal law tax index number and tax rate multiplied by the municipality. The result of the account is your annual property fee.

If you own an apartment building, the assessed value is prorated. Apartment with a The area is 100 square meters and you would use only one-tenth of the assessed value of the entire plot to calculate the property tax for a 1,000-square-meter plot.

The tax value of real estate replaces the assessed value

Attention: the standard value is valid only until 2024. the end From 2025 January 1 new real estate tax calculation, and the unit value is given by property tax values changed. To determine this, owners of land, houses and apartments must submit a special declaration to the tax inspectorate by January 31, 2023.

The fact is that the estimated value is based on very old data. In the West, the value of the property (reference value of the land) and any real estate on it in 1964. on January 1, in the east – from 1935 January 1 Therefore, the appraised values ​​are significantly lower than today’s market values.

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Tax inspectorates calculate the assessed value for you

In practice, this means that tax authorities are currently still hopeful annual rent, which the lessee would have had to pay on 1/1/1964 in the West or 1/1/1935 in the East. You multiply that by one multiplication machine and then perhaps calculate premiums (value-enhancing circumstances) or discounts (value-reducing circumstances) with a. The type of property and the year the house was built are also important.

Then all this is called income method and is used for all mixed-use developed lots, duplexes, rental lots, condominiums, commercial lots, and nearly all single-family homes to determine assessed value.

An example of calculating a 100 square meter apartment

As already mentioned, the assessed value is only the first factor that is important when calculating the property tax. In the second stage, it is multiplied by the tax index, the size of which depends on the type of development. For owners of apartment buildings, there are currently 3.5 per thousand (0.35 percent).

  • Example: Let’s say you own a 100-square-foot condo on a 1,000-square-foot lot with an appraised value of $500,000. Then it would only be necessary to determine one tenth of this value, ie 50,000 euros, and multiply this by the 3.5 per thousand apartment tax index. This results in the so-called property tax base amount, in this example 175 euros.
  • Example: Let’s say your apartment is in Berlin. Then 175 euros would have to be multiplied by 4.1, because a multiplier of 410 percent applies there (from 2022). This amounts to an annual property tax of EUR 717.50.

You see: it can be done do not say in general, how much property tax you will be charged for a given number of square meters, as many other factors determine the size. This also applies if in the future the tax value of the property will be applied instead of the estimated value.

die Square meters of land and living space is part of the real estate declaration, with which the new tax value of the property is currently determined. In federal states that follow the federal model, Bodenrichtwertto die Property type, age of the building and statistically determined net cold rent Relevant. Read here what applies to other federal lands.

The net cold rent depends, among other things, on the so-called Mietnivesstufe municipality. Rental levels have it Federal Ministry of Finance are determined for all municipalities according to the average rents of federal lands.

The Tax Inspectorate will also determine the new tax value of the property for you. It will be significantly higher than the previous unit value.

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